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I started adding songs back into my iTunes, but everything was duplicated 2-3 times. Today I finished finding and deleting all the duplicates… A lot of work but it feels good!


My computer crashed and I lost all 5000 of my songs. Does that count as organizing my iTunes? Because it’s empty now.


Today I got through album art for half of the S artists, but then discovered some songs are labeled “Track 1”, “Track 2”, etc and I have no clue what the album is. Eventually I’ll have to listen to each song, google the lyrics and rename everything.


I finished the album art for all my 5star songs, and I’m half way through album art for all my 4star songs.

I skipped around a bit and did the album art for all my Yiruma songs. It’s really time consuming to look up the album names and art on Amazon :(


I recently bought the newest iPod nano, and discovered that the album art is wacked up now… if every song doesn’t have the art saved individually, the art won’t show up in the “now playing” mode.

That’s so irritating! I’ve already organized my iTunes song titles, album names, and artists, so now all I have left is to fix the genres and album art. I’ve been working on the album art for the past three months in my spare time, and I’ve gotten through the Cs.

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