brittany is doing 27 things including…

Photograph answers to 20 questions about me


brittany has written 11 entries about this goal

11. My favorite material possession…

my books!!

10. My eyes are…

masked by my glasses :/ the thought of contacts being put in my eyes kinda makes me sick

9. My favorite mode of transport.

my feet

8. On a Monday morning, you can find me…

sleeping in

7. I’m at my happiest when…

im relaxing at home with a book, or with friends and family

6.something i always do

check my facebook apps every day i swear its like an addiction!
like ravenwood fair,cityville and lucky train

5.I always carry

hand sanitizer! my job is a sterile enviorment and i refuse to get sick.

4.the most important thing in my life is

my family i dunno what i would dop without their support and help old am i?

i feel so much older than 20 sometimes, i can be just like a mother hen sometimes,i feel like my soul is old

2.who knows me best

my friends know me best, like the sisters i never had <3


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