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Anna Luna has written 14 entries about this goal

U.S. History

I want to learn more about the history of this country.

Different living styles

from Anarchy to Eco-Villages, I want to feel informed with the alternatives to living in a capitalist city.


I want to study further into biology.


I want to learn about plants and the wonderful things they do.


I sell lavender (and lavender products) and customers sometimes ask me questions I can’t answer. I would like to study about lavender and if I have more questions, write them down to ask the farmers.


I am sort of contemplating going into a recycled fashion feild. I would like to rekindle many old fashions that I would modernize to be extremely practical and efficient.


And all of the workings inside one’s self


Especially vegetarian and woman’s nutrition

Government, Laws, Our Rights

I would like to do reasearch on what our government is really doing (because a lot of information is available, I just have to look for it), I would like to know more about the laws that ar in place, and I would like to learn about the rights we have as citizens of the United States because it’s extremely important to know such things.

Living Off the Grid

I want to learn about thriving through uncommon societal practices that are somewhat underground.

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I want to:
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