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get over the drama


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that’s all i must do when around the situation. i mentioned my liking to write poetry and songs and music, and magically she likes the same the day after. it hurts me that i cant truly be me anymore for fear of it being taken away and copied, but i will try, i think maybe i should start seeing the positive side. but i’m in a dark place concerning this person right now, so maybe in a few days i’ll be looking objectively at how to help the situation! i mean, things cant get anymore complicated… great, now that i’ve said that, it will!! i must go succumb to sleep. i am its slave! another update soon i promise/and-or/hope! hope goals are achieved in my absence!


things have happened. insults whispered and feelings hurt. and all of this has crippled the strongest of friendships. i have been so fueled with anger and been so hurt that i havent been able to see the damage done. but i can now see all thats wrong so im going to try. if she says something, i’ll let it go; if someone betrays me, they’re not worth my time; if she apologises, i’ll accept it; if i must apologise, i will. and i just hope that pretty soon i’ll be over the stress and the drama, and be able to move this to things i’ve done


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