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survive grade 11 physics

14 cheers


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congratulations to me.

67% going into the exam.

this isn’t really an accomplishment though considering i’ll be sitting in the same class at the same time with the same teacher for an hour for yet another semester.

ps of montreal was playing on the announcements 2 weeks or so ago and that song played and they cut it off right before that sentence was sung and i found it silly because my school is geeky and would probably love that line


exam: january 30th.


i have survived. today i handed in a major group project and now all i have to do is sit around and learn and write tests.

i got a 53% on a “really easy sound waves” quiz. and it was really easy. i wrote like six sentences explaining why opera singers can shatter glass and got 1/3 marks. i got like 1/3 on every single short answer and i just think… yeah.

i’m probably just stupid. i hate it when i actually try and fail. i’m just going to go back to not trying because all i have to do is get a 50 in this class to get a credit and i can even drop gr 12 physics which defeats the whole purpose of taking this class but


getting hard ;_;

so the majority of the next month is based on a group project – making a mousetrap car.

i wouldn’t be headdesking if i had a normal group.
one that was perfectly normal.

my group member told me my suggestion drawing looked like a penis.
then attempted to psychoanalyze me by asking me how many times i’ve had sex.
then asked me to suck his dick.
and then proceeded to do other extremely stupid things.

i am bringing a gun to my next physics class.
(not really, but you know what i mean)


physics is so nice.

grade elevens are so nice. they talk to me in class and they compliment my car and they congratulate me and when they see me out of class they smile and if i need help they ask if i need it.

physics is nice. okay now i have to do a big report due friday. physics sucks.

but it’s still nice.


omg so hard. srsly

i’ve been working on these 2 projects since i’ve got home and one is 50% done and the other is 25% done. okay sucks. and then i have eng and chem hw… sigh.

school is dum. dum dum dum.


That means lasting in this class until the end of January. Then I can finally feel like a normal person in a normal class with actual friends.

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