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x_melanie_x in Blackburn is doing 22 things including…

maintain and update a gratitude journal for 1 month

8 cheers


x_melanie_x has written 31 entries about this goal

I am grateful
  • for doing this.
  • it was agreat experience.
  • it made me think.
  • it made me think about the things I am greatful for.
  • I will do this again one day.
  • was enjoyable.

Thanks NinaWills for starting this, it’s a great goal!!

Gratitude entry for the 30th November
  • I am greatful for all the jobs on the job seekers website that I could apply for. I applied for 8 and will post my applications tomorrow. I then found 2 in the paper so will have more to post tomorrow.
  • I am greatful for the yummy dinner I cooked this evening. It’s amazing how so little ingredients can make something tasty.
  • I am greatful to have started a new book called Dead Until Dark, I started reading it last night and am loving it. I love the size of the chapters too as they are around 40 pages each so I will get at least 40 pages a day read as I like to read a full chapter a time.
  • I am greatful for the watch I just bought for a gift for xmas. I don’t know who I am going to give it to yet as I bought it for my dad but I saw a nicer one that I liked for him that I am going to get. He might end up with two watches hehe.
  • I am greatful for the Ashlee Simpson album I have, I am loving that album at the moment!!
  • I am greatful for the early night I had this evening. I wasn’t feeling well most of the day and I needed as much sleep as I could get.
  • I am greatful for the course mark I got for B120 and will make sure I work harder in future but the main thing is I passed and I am over the moon about passing.

Gratitude entry for the 29th November
  • I am greatful to have finally finished my Tru Calling DVD Box set, it was amazing and caused many late nights so from now on I can see earlier nights.
  • I am greatful to have completed NaNoWriMo. It was an amazing experience that I plan to do next year. There was times when I found it tough, the last week was hard but I got there in the end and I am so happy to have reached the end.
  • I am greatful for all the diet coke I had today. I have about 4 cans of the stuff and need to cut back but it helped me stay awake today when I was totally shattered.
  • Once again I am greatful for the message (long) I recieved off Dan, again he had me smiling. It is always so nice to hear from Dan :o)
  • I am greatful for managing to get on MSN this evening. I got to talk to Caroline which I don’t have much chance of doing but i managed it this evening which was great.

Gratitude entry for the 28th November
  • I am greatful for the loooovely message I got off Dan today. Really made my day like they always do, makes me smile to hear from him.
  • I am greatful to have finally picked the perfect present for my mum for xmas. been thinking about it for weeks and it was driving me mad but I got her really good tickets to see Dr hook in Manchester in April 2007. I hope she likes them, I have something else for her and will get a couple of smaller things for her over the next few weeks.
  • I am greatful for the nice phone call i had with my mum this evening. Was nice to catch up with her as we don’t see each other much and don’t talk much.
  • I am greatful for driving to Preston and back for my test today. I love diriving although driving with my dad can be stressful at the best of times.
  • I am greatful for getting 34/35 in the question part of my theory test.

Entry for the 27th November
  • I am greatful for having a few hours of this afternoon. I didn’t have the time really but I needed to relax after how busy I have been for the last few weeks.
  • I am greatful for being able to watch 4 Tru Calling episodes. I am loving this show!!
  • I am greatful to be 3,000 words off winning NaNoWriMo.
  • I am greatful for the two cans of Diet Coke I had this evening. I haven’t had much for weeks and weeks and I feel it. By 6pm I am so tired if I don’t drink any during the day so it is nice to have some to help with my energy.

Gratitude entry for the 26th November
  • I amm greatful for it being a Sunday and being able to rest today because I am shattered!!
  • I am greatful for the yummy lunch I made today with the ingredients we had it.
  • I am greatful for the Tru Calling DVD Box set with 8 discs that my friend sent me as a late birthday present. It is amazing and I watched this one and off throughout the day until 2:30am.
  • I am greatful for the bath I had late evening. It was lovely to soak in a wonderful bath, it was just what I needed.
  • I am greatful to have gotten to 46,000 words on NaNoWriMo. just 4,000 more to go.

Gratitude entry for the 25th November
  • I am greatful to manage to get up on 6 hours sleep. I am shattered today because I couldn’t get to sleep last night and I am sure that I didn’t even manage to get 6 hours because I kept waking up because it is too cold at the moment.
  • I am greatful not to have put any weight on. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t lose any because I thought I would be not putting any on is good I guess.
  • I am greatful for all the driving I did today, I did 76 miles and it was super tiring but I love driving. I got to drive in the dark too which I don’t like that much but then again I haven’t had much chance to do any night time driving so I am greatful to have got some done.
  • I am greatful to have found where the Theory Test centre is in Preston. I have never been to the centre of Preston before so it was great to find it first time round, it is hard to get to once in the centre but now I have been there I will find it easily on the day.
  • I am greatful to have seen my mum today. I went over to Clitheroe to see her. I haven’t seen her in a month so was nice. My Step dads sister and her husband was there and my brother popped up too so it was nice to see everyone.
  • I am greatful because on the 29th December I will be seeing a family friend perform. He is a club/pub singer and has been doing it for many years and I like going to see him although I haven’t seen him in two years, at my step dad’s 60th. He has been a family friend for years and years now so it is always great to see him and I can’t wait!!
  • I am greatful to have got an amazing birthday present off my friend Pete. He got me the complete first series of Tru Calling and it is wonderful. I just can’t wait to watch it all.
  • I am greatful to have finally received the NEXT order that I ordered last weekend. It has a lovely new duvet cover set in, a pair of PJ bottoms and some lovely pink slippers for the weekend. They are all nice and I like them all very much.

Gratitude entry for the 24th November
  • I am greatful for not feeling as ill as I did yesterday. my head was banging because I have a cold and today it isn’t hurting as much.
  • I am greatful for finally deciding what I want to buy everyone for Christmas. I didn’t have a clue for a while but now I know what I want to get.
  • I am greatful to have found an amazing friend in Dan and Diannna. I love having them as friends and it is great to talk to them and have them in my life.
  • I am greatful for managing to get on MSN this evening. It’s been ages since I have been on there and it was so nice to catch up with Caroline. It’s been a while and I hope to get on there at least once a week from now on.
  • I am greatful for the dinner I had this evening. It was yummy, I made Honey chicken and egg fried rice and it was just what I needed.

Gratitude entry for the 23rd November
  • I am greatful for the Scissor Sisters album my dad bought me. It is totally amazing and I love it.
  • I am greatful for having yesterday off to relax and not have to do too much.
  • I am greatful for the lovely candles I have in my room that are making it smell lovely.

Gratitide entry for the 22nd November
  • I am greatful to have finally read the book Pete sent me. I loved it!! It was so funny and I enjoyed it so much.
  • I am greatful for the tasty fry up I had for my tea this evening. I know I had it yesterday too but it was super tasty.
  • I am greatful for getting 35/35 twice on my theory practice tests and then 20/20 three times in my practice sessions. YAY!!
  • I am greatful to have finally thought of what I am going to get my dad for xmas. I wasn’t sure what to pick but have picked a few things that I shall be getting over the next few weeks.
  • I am greatful for the lovely text Dan sent me this evening as I lay in bed feeling rather ill. It was sweet and cheered me up no end. :o)

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