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x_melanie_x in Blackburn is doing 22 things including…

record my dreams

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Last nights dream - well early this morning between 03:10-03:54am....

I dreamt that I was going away on holiday (can’t remember where) and I was up late on the computer doing an assignment (sounds very familiar) and my friend came online and started to talk to me when I was planning on going to bed for 2 hours. I then realised what time my flight was meant to be and realised that I couldn’t go to bed and sleep because I didn’t have time to sleep. I then remembered that I didn’t have a passport and was trying to find out information off my friend about if it’s possible to fly without a passport to a different country because I’d heard you can use your driving license as ID. But my friend was more interested in showing me pictures of his new plate set and I was getting very frustrated about the whole matter.
I then realised if I set off with my dad in an hour we could make it to the passport office and be at the front of the queue when it opened and get issued my passport and then get to the airport just on time and if not I could change my flights till later in the day.
I then tried to get my dad up and get him ready but he was taking ages like he normally does and I wasn’t very pleased because I knew I would have to take later flights because of how long he was taking.

I then woke up with my alarm going off!!

Last Night - 12th April 2007

I dreamp that I have slept through both the alarm on my alarm clock and on my phone so i woke up and led there for ages before looking at my alarm clock and seeing that it wasn’t due to go off for another 30 minutes :os I missed out on some sleep lying there awake for ages and all because I dreampt that I’d slept through my alarms :os

4th April - last night!!

Was a very disturbing dream. Lets just say I ‘got it on’ with Mick Hucknall from Simply Red. The dream was in detail too and very distubing. For those of you who know who Mick Hucknall is you will know why the idea of it is very disturbing but to dream about it would be a nightmare lol All I can think to say about it is EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :os

29th March - last night!!

I had such a freaky dream!! My parents had decided to get back together 12 years after they broke up. It was such a freaky dream and it stressed me out because that is something that I don’t ever want to happen, EVER!! I probably sound bad for saying that but they are much happier apart plus my mum is married now and that’s working out so I don’t see why they would get back together.
In the dream my dad was so convinced that he wanted to get back with my mum and I was mortified by it because it was my worst nightmare because I have it quite easy at home but if my mum moved back in things would certainly change and not for the best. My dad didn’t live his life the way he wanted because of my mum and her rules so his life wouldn’t be as great as it is now and I wouldn’t want that to happen either.
During the dream I was trying to talk both of them out of it, both together and when they weren’t together in the same room and no matter what I said they still both wanted to get back together and I was so upset and stressed out about this.
I did start to get somewhere with my dad when I was trying to talk him round though, I think I made him realise a few things about what it would be like to be back with my mum.
I was so happy to wake up from that dream. It was more like a nightmare especially for me.

22nd March - last night!!

I had the strangest dreams last night. In the first one I was somewhere with my friend Caroline and all of a sudden she got ill so her brother came to pick her up and she asked if I wanted to go home with her and I said only if it was ok with her brother. That in itself was strange but when we got to where Caroline lived we went into Carolines bedtoom where she started to show me her teddy bear collection. Then her brother came in with snacks and started to play with Caroline’s favourite toys and she wasn’t at all pleased. The next thing I know we are on a train and I don’t have a clue where we are going but when I get off the train Caroline is no longer there and I am inside a Ice Arena.
Torvil and Dean then turn up and are skating around and it turns out that I am having a ice skating lesson so I carefully get onto the ice and I tell them that I am scared of falling and start skating and fall but instead of falling forward like I am scared of I fall backwards and I am so pleased about falling backwards rather than forward.
T&D then skate up to me and tell me that they are going to teach me to fall without hurting myself – the proper way to fall. I am soon falling and falling properly but I tell them that I am very scared now of banging my head when I fall backwards and Jayne tells me she is always scared of the same thing.
We are skating round and round and they are teaching me things to do and I am really getting into the skating and am doing things that I shouldn’t be able to do at that stage and they are amazed by how good I am.
Jayne then goes in the harness and does some flying and skating and it looks really amazing to me and they tell me that I am going to be doing that and put me in the harness and I am flying around in the air above the ice and i am having so much fun landing and taking off and flying. Chris then gets in the other harness and starts to do some kind of routine with me and it’s amazing.
In the dream I seem to fancy Chris and he seems to feel the same for me. We are both having such an amazing time on the ice and then go off for a chat. I then turn around and Chris is being interviewed on the behind the scences show for Dancing on Ice and he is talking about me whilst Jayne is skating in the background. He then calls me over and I go over and sit on his knee and take part in the interview. The interviewer in Andi Peter’s and he is asking us all kinds of questions and we are answering whilst I am sat there on Chris’ knee and he is holding me so tight and so close because he feels the same way as me.

It was a really starnge dream, I woke up almost straight away and couldn’t remember more of it them but I have been up 8 hours already and some of the details have gone. It was spooky!!

The other night...

I had loads of really weird dreams but the one that sticks out the most is on where a dragon starts to chase me.
It was a really scary dream and really stressed me out in my dream. I was in someones house and was looking around the house when I walked into a room there was a dragon and I started to run away from it. The people who lived in the house, who apparently I knew, where shouting at me to run faster and told me to jump into the swimming pool because the dragon wont go in the water. So I jumped into the pool and desperatly scrambled to the bottom of the pool and was swimming round and could see the shadow of the dragon flying above me.
I eventually woke up and was glad too because it was really stressing me out lol

Wednesday night

I am having weird mixed up dreams at the moment that keep waking me up and then when I fall asleep I dream about something else. It is all very strange – most of the time I can’t remember what they are about but I remember Torvill and Dean were in one of my dreams last night. It’s so strange to have them in my dreams two nights running.

Tuesday Night

I had loads of weird dreams throughout the night – I kept waking up and wondering what was going on. It was a stressful night as far as dreams were concerned.
The most vivid dream was one before I woke up this morning (wednesday 6th March). It involved Torvill and Dean and me of course. It was strange. I think I was skating with Christopher Dean for some reason like Jayne Torvin was ill or something. I was having lessons off Chris and then suddenly we were rehearsing for a show and I was having a hard time trying to learn all the moves and he was really great and was showing me how it was properly done.
This dream went on for a while and it became quite confussing. My alarm going off stopped the dream in it’s tracks.

Monday Nights Dream....

I was in New York with one of my friends, Caroline, and we were walking along the street and ending up following a line of people walking into a building. We didn’t have a clue what was going on but we decided to follow them just to see, as we entered the building (it was like a community centre) inside there was lots of people, mainly females, lining up all down one side of the building. As we got further down the line we noticed five men sat at a table giving paperwork out, as we moved along the wall even more we noticed it was Bon Jovi. As we get closer we to them we found out that they are getting people to do work for them and we decide we couldn’t meet them because me might pass out lol so we manage to slip past everyone but as we do we decide that we want to stay and watch them so we grab some paperwork and find a table close to the band were sitting so we could watch them but Caroline and I made sure our table was somewhere they wouldn’t notice us. We then sat with the paperwork pretending to be busy but we are instead watching them work.
As the day goes on the band get up now and then and walk around and go to the bathroom but to get there they have to pass us so every time we see one of them walking in our direction we put our heads down and pretend to be busy but then when they come back we make sure we watch their back ;o)
A little later Richie comes over to a table close to ours and gets chatting to the girls on the table and asks to look at their ID cards that they had collected at the start of the day (off the band) when they first came in. Caroline and I then start to panic because we didn’t get one (because we skipped the queue) so we slowly get up and move slowly behind Richie and dive under a table and then crawl on our hands and knees to the wall and then quickly move along the wall and out of the door.

That was a weird dream, I tend to have them a lot but can’t always remember much about them (of anything) the next day.
This dream went on after Caroline and I left that building but the bits I remember don’t make much sense because there are big chunks of it missing from my memory.
I did feel like I had, had that dream before especially the bit where we accidently line up after walking off the street and then Bon Jovi were in it and the same thing happened but slightly different.

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