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get my tubes tied


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my hubby got snipped, so I'm off the hook!

He finally went through with it. He almost didn’t show up for his appointment. It is way easier on men. He was swollen and sore for a couple of weeks but mobile by the next day. His doc said that he had to “exhaust the pipes” so to speak at least three times a week afterwards for three weeks, so there was even a perk for him. We still need to use condoms for a couple months more, but after that it will be nice to have one less worry.


Tired of condoms and so is my husband. Other methods aren’t a good fit for my needs. I was given an appointment last August and forgot about it. So, now it is back on the front burner. My last child was a surprise. Very welcome, very loved, just stressful in terms of timing. I wanted another child and felt complete after her birth. So, no more. I’m too old for this.


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