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October 09

My first all day cache run! Found 21 geocaches yesterday. Only needed a lifeline on one! Woohoo! Celebrated with blueberry pancakes!

October 09

Went to a historic cemetery tour by myself last night. Had two tickets but couldn’t find a taker for the other ticket so went alone. I usually would wimp out but I went. Was fun and got to tour a really old cemetery I didn’t even know was there. People were dressed in period costume telling the stories of the people buried there. Afterward, there was fantastic snacks and music on the square in town, just a few blocks away. Lovely little old town about 20 minutes from the big city. I saw the mayor who is a client and met an alderman who is excited about a county project I am working on in their town, so was able to do a little PR for the firm as well. haha. Was a lovely coolish evening.

September 09

Went red with the hair. Light Auburn. Not as bold as I thought it would be but I like it.

August so far

uh, had my gallbladder taken out. lol. Not exactly of my own choosing. My first big surgery. Doesn’t really count as adventurous, but has consumed the month for sure…. so far. Will have to think….


Completed two earthcaches all on my own! Was a fun day of seeing two historical sites that were only about 20 miles from home.

June music

Saw Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Tantric, and Drowning Pool at Jubilee Jam last night. Was fantastic! Although the last group isn’t really my type of music they put on a great show and the crowd was great fun to watch. It was hot hot hot out there but a good night. I don’t usually go to these music festivals because all my friends are married with kids and won’t go. I will be sad when this sweet friend moves in two weeks and I again won’t have anyone to go do this stuff with. He’s been good for me.


I’ve been thinking a lot over the past couple of years of who I really am. Not a middle aged crisis sort of thing really. Just a knowledge that I’ve been the good girl all my life because I am supposed to be. I’m good at it. It is easy. But it isn’t really all me.

Now, I think I am truly a genuinely nice and honest person. Loyal and loving and caring.

But also inside here is someone who is a bit devious. Who had a wicked sense of humor at times. Who has an evil master mind that rarely sees the light of day. :)

Who likes to go out dancing until 2am at 41 years old. Crazy sexy dancing with a great guy friend. Not just bouncing around in the middle of the floor with the girls.

Who has always wanted a motorcycle but never seriously considered it because they are dangerous blah blah blah. But, man, a guy on a bike is hot. And I am accepting that that turns me on. lol!

Who has kind of secretly wanted a tattoo but even now has no idea what it would be of or where. Someday if the right thing appears, I’ll do it. But I’m not getting inked just to do it.

Who is a little less good girl in other ways than most would guess. lol!

But I keep this little streak hidden most of the time.

So the shroud on my phone came apart last week. Tore and then it was a gonner. Went to the Apple Store tonight to find a new one. Something fun. I was thinking a solid orange or maybe green. Then, I saw the girlie skull. Loved it at first sight. Immediately dismissed it as not appropriate for a professional. What would people think? Then thought that was the dumbest thing I’ve thought in a while. Who cares? It is a phone shroud.

Most people who know me will be surprised by it I think. It isn’t perfectly good girl acceptable, safe. But I love it. It is whimsical and colorful and just a little bit biting. Like I am really. Or at least like I hope to be more and more in my personal life. Trying to be more adventurous in the little things in life as well as the big ones.


Haven’t done this in years and years and years. A dear friend is moving in a couple of weeks and I’ll likely never see him again. After a really fantastic dinner at my favorite restaurant, he wanted to go dancing. So we did. Until the place shut down at 2am. We had the best time!

May - Got a blackberry! ha!

Well, the color is blackberry! My other car was 12 years old and needed a fuel pump, a clutch, an alternator, brakes, and the interior had started to fall apart. Nevermind that the cd player and electronic locks no longer worked and the sunroof had long since died. When your mechanic no longer wants to waste your money, it is time to car shop. I love it!!

Not so adventurous

Eh, just been surviving.
Time to lift my head out of the mire and do some interesting things in my life again. Wonder what May could be?

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