waterlemon in Quezon City is doing 17 things including…

dye my hair blue

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Well I already did but the cheap dye faded and turned rusty after some time. And got lighter and lighter…

I need to find a good dye that won’t eat my hair color away. But I’m setting this off for a while though since my hair is hawked right now. Not so punky though. You could go to a job interview with it hahah ;-)

and again..

I’m back on it! I want blue hair! well.. not all of it. Okay, blue streaks.


i cut my hair. yea, i cut it with a regular bookstore bought scissors. and it’s not bad, i’m actually happy with how it turned out. and i don’t think i’d want to dye it anytime soon

streaking bloooo

because my normally short hair has gone down to (nearly touching) my waist. and i’d had bleached streaks grow out. now let me just have one blue streak on the right side of my nape..

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