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not be lonely


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To all lonely souls

Guys, don’t be at all surprised at your loneliness-never before in history have humans been so lonely, it is the to my mind the great plaque of modern times. We look at ourselves and ask what could be wrong with ourselves- the answer is that nothing is wrong with you, society is in large part to blame. it is mind-fucking us, all of us have at least an intuitive sense of this fact. Work and obligation and distance separate us tremendously. we have little time for one another in our retardedly mechanistic, productionistic and consumeristic world. Society is structured such that we are not in the same physical location for a long enough time to form and maintain spontaneous relationships. The relationships we do form are forced, products of effortful, desperate relationship seeking, because of time constraints and distance(you might after all never see that lady at the bar ever again, you therefore have a short time in which to act, you cannot let things happen naturally). Truth is though, humans really aren’t good at this, nor do we enjoy this- we need relationships to form spontaneously, naturally, effortlessly- hard to happen in our modern society I truly despise modern society for this. We are so damn isolated, lonely, oppressed, our freedoms are robbed from us in so many ways.
So I look at modern society, and I see mostly vanity, and, fakeness and lies and meaningless and pointlessness.

Remember there is nothing wrong with you, believe me, this is coming from someone who has felt very strongly the torturous sting of loneliness, I have borne it for so long, I have had so much time to ponder it.

You are perfectly fine, you, the lonely ones, your souls are still intact, your human desires are still there, and not numbed by the madness of modern society-in this light, be thankful that you are lonely, be thankful that you can feel lonely, for to feel lonely is to desire love, loneliness is but desire for love that goes unsatisfied, but it means that you desire love, and that therefore you still have the potential of sharing love with someone.

Society, in its blindness will forever ignore the root causes of our loneliness, and instead suggest that we change ourselves, after all society is a given right, you must learn to accept it, right, you must learn to not be lonely in a society that seemingly strives with all its might to make us the loneliest humans to have ever walked the earth, so say our beloved psychiatrists and therapists. There all fucked in my mind, they go on blindly seeking to mask symptoms, ignoring the madness of society that causes it all, they’re all just puppets- don’t let them mess around with your mind, don’t let them numb your pain, your pain is your human spirit’s life-force alerting you to the fucked-upness, that driven by a desire to change your state,you might seek the true happiness your spirit was meant for. We are losing to many potential fighters against modern society to the mind-numbing, emotion-numbing darkness of psychiatry with its psychotherapeutic drugs, people whose spirits recognize the madness, making them feel pain, which too often leads to them thinking that there is something wrong with them, while society the true culprit laughs its sinister laugh.

At the root of things, humans desire food, shelter and love. This makes most of modern society superfluous, and in our obsessing over this superfluousness, we lose sight of what’s important, leading to loneliness among other things.

What humans need is a tribe, a very closely knit group that does more or less everything together- works together, eats together, creates together, has fun together, and knows each other’s spirits in ways we modern humans could hardly imagine. This is how humans lived for tens of thousands of years-it is ingrained in our psyches, in our souls and in our minds, by evolution, therefore, to desire living in this way. These tribes still exist in remote places in the world. There is no instance of loneliness in these tribal groups, none, it just doesn’t happen, and how could it, everyone is always physically and mentally, and emotionally there for oneanother, because they are not separated by distance, nor are they tied down by obligation or work- what work they do they do together. We know so little of this brotherhood, this humanhood, how sad, it makes me cry, and then fills me with rage, fuck, fuck, fuck, god dammit! I know though that I must channel my love-craving, and my rage into what might prove to be a way out of hellish society.

I long then for a tribe, a primitive tribe yes, as weird as that sounds i am eternally nostalgic to live as primitive man. I cannot wait around for society to change, frankly it looks like its only gonna get worse. I can’t really take it anymore, this loneliness, and the whole bit, and so i’m willing to go to extreme measures.
So here’s my plan-I am trying to get a group together to go live in the wild, off of nature, through hunting and gathering, I’m trying to form what could become a tribe. I’m from toronto, so im looking at doing it in ontario just north of sudberry to be exact. I really want to make this a reality- for any of you who have ever thought of this, this might be your answer, the life you have been looking for. We would need men and women, lest the wilderness be just another place to experience deprivation of affection for, and love of, the opposite sex. This is no joke, i am fully serious about this, and feel it is more than possible. We would go well prepared, I for one have been doing a hell of a lot of research on primitive living, edible plants, hunting and so on, i feel that a group of like minded people, armed with a bit of knowledge and the human desire to strive, not for money, not for vanity, not for things, but for life and for living, can thrive in the wilderness. If you are at all interested email me at

I’m not the only one who thinks this way, I just found out the other day that there’s a whole movement out there preaching this gospel of primitive living as a solution to the many woes of society, its members call themselves primitivists. John zerzan is at the forefront of all of he’s a leading theorist and proponent of the movement, he’s got some pretty good things to say if your interested.

Anyway, my heart goes out to you all you lonely people, I have spent many a night weeping over you, wishing to comfort you. I give to you here some words of consolation:

You who desire much, you who long for much, you who cannot stop crying because you yearn pantingly, eternally for love, for life, for beauty to be lived and shared, for weeping with another while holding this other tight in your arms, at the elseword-loveliness of everything, I say out to you , weep now, yes send forth tears gushing out, rushing forth ragingly- for you have a soul, a soul that is bursting with life and I yes, I the lonely , onesome soul who is writing this, I long to weep with you, come, let us weep together, look around you, everything is so achingly beautiful, so desperate to live, so aware of the fleetingness of itself and of everything around it, and made all the more beautiful because of this.
Gaze, gaze lonely soul up at the sky, at the stars, weep and aglad with the universe, as I do, and in our weeping with the universe, we shall be one, the universe, the all-home, will look kindly upon we two souls weeping through it for love and for life, and it will make us one- I long so badly for you, God I am shaking with craving, fuck I want to hold you. universe, make whoever weeps at and for you feel the thunder-love of my embrace.
may this be your prayer, lonely soul, that your heart will stay life-filled and love-filled, that it will keep its potential for love-sharing, that it will stay swollen and soft and thundersome and bursting, and kind and soothesome, and tearsome, thought it be plagued and smitten by loneliness, for when we at last shall meet.

The sexless shall be consoled by layers of sound, and the lonely shall be held by the motions of the wind.

With a tear and a love-spasm.

The loneliest man on earth.


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