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weallareone in County Dublin is doing 43 things including…

be a leader

29 cheers


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Leadership gets better and better with Practice :)

Yesterday I coordinated & ran a speakers skills workshop where people got the opportunity to be on stage & receive feedback on their presentation skills & content.

It was a truly powerful experience- there were some HUGE breakthroughs.

I am so happy & honoured to be part of this which is encouraging & lovingly pushing people in developing their skills to greatness.

I’m able to do it because I’ve stepped up into being a leader.

For that I am SO grateful,

Thank you God (aka the universe, love my higher self & God)

I shared about a wonderful opportunity

a few weeks back, about the director of the Movement for happiness, well I heard back from them on Friday, I didn’t get shortlisted for interview.

It was a great learning experience for me, filming the video etc, and was really positive experience for me.

I hope I can help them in their aims in some other way :)

A wonderful Opportunity to Step Up as a Leader!

I’m excited- there’s a vacancy – The Director of The Happiness Movement

I’ve spoken to a few people, some of whom are very successful people- best selling authors, Film Directors etc & they’re all convinced that I AM PERFECT for the job!!!! They’ve even offered to provide references for me :)

I’m really excited, yesterday I did some filming- interview style which I’m going to use as part of my application – I’ll send them a DVD to convince them to meet me for interview :)

I’m excited!

I believe that working in an organisation such as this will give me the structure & support that I need to really bring out my leadership skills & qualities.

PLUS it is in exact synchronicity with who I am, and what my life purpose is- to help as many people as humanly possible be happy, healthy & wealthy.

watch this space!!

If get the job I’ll have blown my anonymity on 43things entirely :D

Being a leader without a title:

Just came across this video- its to promote Robin Sharma’s new book- The Leader Who had No Title.

Love the video, looking forward to reading the book :)

Being A Leader...

is not an easy task!

People resent leaders- they criticise them, as much as, and in equal measure to how they admire them.

I was on the advanced trainings of again recently- brilliant trainings & I learned so much more about being a leader.

I learned that others will assume that you’re acting from the same place as they are & that as a leader its my responsibility to ensure that I adequately communicate to people exactly what my intentions are, and why I will say, and act the way I do- for the common purpose of the team -to achieve the team’s goal.

I met some really great people there too, which was great :)

I had lots of challenging experiences too, and they were good for healing issues that might otherwise block me in becoming a leader :)

I love my life, I love my goals, my life purpose, I love my friends.
I’m so grateful!

I feel like I'm totally failing

on being a leader right now.

I’m creating a profile- lots more people know who I am than ever before, which apparently is a good thing. However I’m not earning enough money to pay the bills & I don’t know what I’m doing wrong & I can’t see a way out of it.
I feeel so ashamed that I’m not meeting my full resposibilities.

On one hand I feel like it’s good to ask for help when one needs it, on the other hand I feel like a complete failure & that I have the power to change things on my own, and if I’m not doing that then I’m failing miserably.

I had a phone conversation with someone today where I cried because I’m overdue the money I owe & I can’t cope I feel so ashamed. Because I feel so ashamed I’m not taking care of myself- not eating right, not sleeping right, started smoking again too. I feel like such a failure, and worse still I feel like a complete fake- how can I be a coach when I’m failing so miserably myself?

Being a Leader is Lonely

I’m developing a public profile which is good, but what it also means is that I have a conflict- when I am having a bad day I have avoided expressing it, for fear of not setting a good example.

I am conflicted about this because on one hand I believe that having someone who appears to be something that I want to be is hugely inspiring, yet at the same time i also believe that the best example is being totally honest- because people can really relate to pain/struggle & they’re likely to have been in that place themselves at some point in their lives- which is a good way to connect to them.
However, it may be more useful to only share retrospectively…

what do you think?

Are you inspired when someone shares openly & honestly – warts, defects & weaknesses & you can witness the process of them finding solutions…

or do you prefer to see a leader appear to be successful

or would you like to know that they have experienced difficulties- but only when they’ve found the solutions….

which option do you think is more inspiring, more motivating?

My Public Profile is developing..

so much so that I’m quite frequently getting people talking to me that know me & who I am before I’ve even met them!

This is a little scarey, and I need to be careful about managing my public profile appropriately!

I was given a compliment yesterday

I’ve been quite quiet on 43t of late because I’ve been spending a lot of time on twitter, yesterday I received a compliment and a recommendation from a follower of mine which I was pretty blown away by:

an inspirational person- motivates us 2 find d best within ourselves she’s the Irish #Obama #followfriday11:51 AM May 23rd

A compliment comparing me to Obama! WOOO HOOO! I’ll take that any day :)

part of being a leader...

is about me becoming the best person I possibly can be.

Together with one of my coaches I’m uncovering things I really don’t like about myself.

it’s not nice. what I fear most is actually what I do, and it’s the denial of that aspect that gives it power and manifests it even more. It’ll continue manifesting stronger and stronger until I accept that it is part of me and needs to be loved, just like every other part.

Am I prepared to love the parts of me that I don’t even like?
At least I am prepared to admit they exist. That’s the first step Awareness, have I accepted them yet? Not quite, but almost.
Once I’ve accepted them it’ll be easy to move into action and replace them with more loving attributes.

I feel the world owes me a living, that I deserve to have a home, food, a car just because I’m me. I don’t fully grasp that in order for that to happen I have to create something of value that I can exchange to get the things I need. I’m still caught up in anger and resentment that I didn’t get my basic rights/needs met. When actually now it’s time for me to take RESPONSIBILITY and learn HOW to provide for myself.

This has all arisen from me realising I’m scared to run a workshop that I’ve run before with huge success, I now have a lot wider network to promote it through, people have expressed an interest in attending. I’m scared I’ll run it and loose the deposit on the hotel, which I can’t afford to pay.

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