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weallareone in County Dublin is doing 43 things including…

run a successful business

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Running a successful business..

I’m still working on this, and receiving some really good feedback, however I’m not bringing in enough cash to cover my living expenses.

It’s tight, really fucking tight. It’s a challenge, a reall fucking challenge.

Found a new way to make money!

I’ve been using twitter quite a lot the last few months & I’ve really learned a lot about it & it’s helped me so much with my business-

I’m now running seminars on how to use twitter as a marketing tool which I ran the first one on weds- very successfully :)

I’m delighted with myself!

running my own successful business is not exactl working out that well...

and I want to be able to share exactly how i’m feeling about the situation here, as i have often done in the past, gaining clarity as I express what’s going on inside, however now I’ve connected my “professional” self to this account by mentioning my website and business name etc i feel that if i do that I’ll be sabotaging myself.
Although of course I do recognise that the way to be successful in business is not about avoiding every obstacle, it’s about remaining committed no matter what, i feel if i were to describe the situation i’m in I’ll appear like a complete failure. Why? Because right now I am failing. I am not bringing in enough money, my present business model is not working, and i realise that i cannot run this business alone, and at the same time i do not have the money to pay someone else to do the things I am not able to do.

One could say i’m in a catch 22 situation and it is less than pleasant.

What's YOUR Strategy? - Email

I FINALLY sent out the bloody email!!! It’s taken me weeks of agonising over the wording of this!!!

I’ll post it below and would REALLY REALLY Really Appreciate feedback, especially negative feedback because I’m committed to improving my way of communicating at every opportunity.

Hi There,

I wanted to tell you about my next workshop as it may be of use to you, or someone you know:

“What’s Your Strategy?” will give you a realistic 5 year plan on HOW your business can SURVIVE & THRIVE in ANY economical climate!
This is your chance to make sure that you don’t make those painful trial & error mistakes that put others out of business.

“What’s Your Strategy?” is on this Saturday (4th April) in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Santry 9.30- 5pm

Benefits of having a clear Strategy:
The workshop provides you as a business owners the structure, time and space to create a plan for exactly HOW you are going to achieve your business goals. It’s great having a clear destination, but if you haven’t planned your route you can end up in lots of traffic jams, and detours adding many more miles & stress to your journey! You would avoid traffic jams & dead ends if you could, wouldn’t you? Of course you would and this workshop is your chance to do just that.

Benefit from others:
I designed this workshop because although it’s essential to recognise our own skills and strengths, we also need to know our limitations; no one person has the skills to cover all bases. To be successful in business and to get results we need to have the right people around us. The workshop will have a relaxed but focused collaborative atmosphere where you’ll get the support and knowledge you need to create successful strategies, supporting you in achieving your business goals. Without this you will most likely continue doing what most business owners do; stumble along blindly testing out different strategies, running up costs which may or may not produce any return on investment. Brainstorming your ideas and receiving expert input on how to produce results will save you from heartache, & stress. Having a clear, well thought out Strategy is what separates the winners from the “also-ran’s”.

Format of the Day:
• The day kicks off at 9.30am with clarifying our goals and defining what a strategy is.
• Throughout the day we will be working in small groups building your own strategy, at the end of the day you’ll come away with a complete 5 year plan of your business success!
• You’ll gain from the input of other business owners, their experience, talents & knowledge, as they offer ideas, suggestions and share how they’ve been successful, and how they’ve failed & what to do and what NOT to do in business.
• Most businesses fail in the first 3 years due to lack of experience of the business owner, this workshop will provide you with the essential knowledge and experience you need to continue running a successful business, save you from painful mistakes, and ensure that your business continues to grow many years into the future.
• At 5.30pm you’ll leave with so much clarity and inspiration you’ll be excited to get back to work implementing what you know will make the difference to your business!

This workshop is valued at €150 but I’m delighted to be able to offer places for only €75 per person! I’ve successfully negotiated our costs to an absolute minimum because I want you to benefit from what this workshop offers, and I understand that tight budgeting is essential for business success, especially in challenging times.

Places are limited so book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment; give me a buzz to book your place or to get more information on 086 2430279, or you can book online via Paypal through this link:

I look forward to seeing you there! :)

So I've been struggling with feeling like a fraud..

in terms of what I’m doing with business, but actually the core of what I do is facilitate people finding and engaging with their own power and talents.
(The feeling of feelinglike a fraud is that my own business is not brining in enough to cover all of my living costs right now, so how can i create that for others? Also tied in is that I haven’t finished my degree)

So I’m thinking maybe I need to change the focus back to that, which was originally what I started focusing on, and that’s what is inspiring me more than in business context, althoguh i do want to do that also. The book I’m writing is about indiviudals, its about changing ones’ life of rthe better, it’s got nothing to do with tbusiness, althugh I also know that the way business will be successful is when people are living up to their full potential.

So I decided to postpone the workshop, untilt he 28th April

that will give me time to promote it properly and give me confidence that it’s being done properly.

then after I made that decision I freaked out thinking I shouldn’t have postponed it at all!!!


now I’m starting to doubt what I’m even doing…

What is it that I do well?

I motivate people!! I inspire people to actually take action and change themselves, their lives for the better.

This bit about doing it in businesses, what’s that about?
Is it important? Is it a side tracked issue?
Am I just having doubts because it’s challenging?

Should I just plow on regardless.

Should I just get a job?

What's YOUR Strategy?

I want to run this workshop again, I’ve planned it but put off writing the promo material, it’s only 9 days away and I still haven’t written the email.

I’m scared, not of any particular or realistic fear, i’ve got a block on this and I don’t know why. I’m afraid of being “found out” as a “Fraud” despite the good feedback I got from running it last time, despite knowing that this will be of value to the participants.

I feel shite, i feel like crying :( I feel hopeless, that I can’t do this, that there’s no point in even having this goal because I’ve got a block on earning money and until that gets gone I can’t do anything.

Thoughts are creative, sure….

help gratefully received, anyone out there had experience of overcoming terminal procrastination, to the point that I’m thinking of cancelling the whole event, even though I know it will be good because by not having it I’m actually sabotaging myself, sabotaging the busines people have already expressed an interest, if I don’t have it now it’ll be shite.

feb 17th- Headin to Sales Explosion tomorrow

its a training by Clinton Swaine, Frontier trainings, if you’re in business or thinking about setting up your own business go to his 3 day introductory seminar Play To Win, it’s on 5th June in London and 11th Sept in Dublin!!

Do not miss this opportunity, the training is free and I get nothing in return for telling you about it.

i’ve just been on it for the 2nd time and again I’ve made huge personal breakthroughs which are empowering me to bring my business to the next level!!

Awesome! :-)

Running a Successful business requires being receptive to abundance

and last night I had someone use a technique to identify and release emotions trapped in my body that were blocking access to abundance.

They were crying, unreceived Love, anger, betrayal,

I feel clearer more positive and more confident, and more money conscious that ever before. It’s great, I’m already starting to think up new ideas of how to increase cash flow.

On another note I’m really starting to reap rewards of my netowrking now, in a big way. I am now respected amongst the business community and I’m a part of making positive change that will effect many businesses in my local area. I’m proud of this.

This morning involved an early morning flight and I’ve arrived in London at the hotel were the Play To Win seminar is on. I’m excited, looking forward to it and connecting with awesome people :)
I expect to learn a lot from this weekend, as i did before !!

I'm finding time management a challenge today

I’ve got a million and one things that all need to be done but I’m only one person so its impossible. I need to learn from this to leave more time in between clients and meetings for all the follow up work that needs to be done!

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