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focus on what really matters


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I'm generally doing this now

I use a To Do list and a calendar and I prioritize my tasks. I use a system of marking things as urgent (ABC) and important (123) that I learned from a book by Stephen Covey.

Self Care

What really matters right now seems to be “self care” activities like exercise, doing things that are fun. I was focussing too much on to do lists, and “shoulds”, and impossible goals. I need to focus on what I am doing right, not what I haven’t done. My boyfriend also does this so we bring each other down. We’re going for a walk now which will be a good self care activity.


I reordered my goal list in order of how many cheers each goal gets. If they are getting cheers then maybe they deserve more of my attention.


Its only temporary, but I am working at a job I like.
Today I organized my day so the most important things got done.
Sometimes just eating and sleeping are the things that really matter.
Facing things that I have been avoiding gives me peace of mind.

survival or happiness

You have to meet survival needs to achieve happiness.

Personally I need to focus on a job first, while making time for my mental and physical health (yoga is good for this), connection to other people, and creative pursuits, or I can start to feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Maybe I need to set a goal of 1 hour minimum/week for impractical creativity, yoga, inspiration, connection. More work daily on the job search.


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