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25 oct 2005

oops – slipped a bit as I hurt my back and haven’t felt like doing much else – am DEFINITELY going back to plan A of choosing what I’m going to watch and doing other stuff in between

going well!

Planned what I was going to watch last night – “love soup” and the News – didn’t really enjoy Love Soup, but I caught up with the news (one of my other “things”) and did the ironing (another one of my “things”) so all in all feel quite pleased with myself – it’s funny how some “things” help you achieve other “things”!!

oct 18th 2005

Began this last night – decided that in order to get a balance and not be too extreme in my resolution, the way to do this is to plan what TV programmes I want to watch, and then go and do other things in between, rather than sit on the settee like a couch potato and flick through the channels until I find something only half worth watching (or not worth watching at all!!)

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