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Pareidolia (from Greek para- amiss, faulty, wrong + eidolon, diminutive of eidos appearance, form) is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (usually an image) being mistakenly perceived as recognizable. Common examples include images of animals or faces in clouds, seeing the man in the moon, and hearing messages on records played in reverse.

A great number of my drawings used to be of the pareidoliac variety. I would see faces and animals almost anywhere, anytime. Wolves in wood-grain doors. Faces in foggy windows. Even a wizard in the stucco ceiling. I woke up one morning to a cute little alien in the folds of my pillow case. But, I haven’t seen any of these unexpected spectres in such a long time. Am I losing my imagination? Another wicked sign that it’s time to grow up? I hope not. Come back and inspire me!

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