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Somehow I lost track of this goal

So this is a self-reminder: Toary, you’ve got to eat less!

I’ve recently even lost a subscriber. I’m sure that’s because I eat too much. Now I’ve only 4 subscribers left. :-(

I should instantly stop eating before they’re all gone. ;-)


I’m making great progress on this:
1. For two days I ate almost nothing. It’s important though to NOT fall into abstinence. So I drank lots of fresh direct fruit juice and ate a few raw vegetables. This is pain, but it tells the digestion to slow down instead of to stop. (Stopping would have caused a jojo effect.)
2. For two more days I ate much more, but only two meals a day. It was important now to become full on every meal. Eating less is only possible if you don’t stop eating until you have enough. This happens much earlier than before due to the first two days and it lasts significantly longer.
I can now turn back to normal eating. It will be automatically much less than last week. After all, a diet wasn’t my intent. Permanently eating less was.
Of course I now have to find something else to compensate my unhappiness. Eating all the time was unfortunately very effectively making me happy and I don’t have a clue how to solve this emerging new problem. Somehow I replaced one problem with another. So I have to leave this Thing open…

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