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whenlovewalksin is doing 20 things including…

get out of debt

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been away a while

i paid off best buy mastercard last month. then they hit me with $4.50 in finance charges, which i paid immediately.

so it’s paid off.

i am now down to one credit card with a balance of almost $5000. continuing to work on it.

but hey, i have good news! my credit score has increased by 65 points! i am now at the highest score in the “very good” category.

i am setting up online bill pay

for best buy mastercard

i spaced on the due date for my next payment and ended up sending it express mail overnight to get it in on time.

also i accepted some overtime at work the next two maybe three weekends. all of that extra money will go to best buy mastercard. will have to make up that lost sleep and leisure time later.

screw you, bank of america

there! there’s your $8.42! now go away! i am done with you, ya hear?


freakin’ bank of america sent me a new statement. i still owe them $8.42 worth of finance charges. THEN i will actually have a zero balance. Multiply by hundreds of thousands of accountholders, and back of america is making A LOT of money this month. so i will grit my teeth and buy my freedom for $8.42.


best buy mastercard sent me a notice similar to the one capital one sent a while ago. they are jacking up the interest rate and are giving me the option of locking in to the current rate and paying on it just as i have been, but the catch is they close the account in the meantime. no more credit available, no more purchases. and still if i miss a payment it gets reported to credit agencies and could go to collections. so the only benefit is the lower rate. i think i will go ahead and take the offer because i don’t see a good reason to keep this line of credit open at such a high rate of interest.

and the next on my list is...

best buy “reward zone” mastercard: $961

i remember opening this card. i remember i did not want to. but the man i was seeing at the time came with me to help me carry home the new tv i needed to buy. my old tv of 15+ years had finally died. i had $500 in cash, and that was all the tv i could afford.

i allowed him to convince me to apply for a best buy “reward zone” mastercard. i qualified for $1000 credit. more than enough. with the credit card i received “incentives.” some best buy “reward” dollars, about $50 worth. i decided to use those for christmas gifts later in the year. i spent more than i had planned to, because i had the card. with tax my new tv and service plan came to about $650. i thought when the bill came i would apply the $500 i had in cash, and pay the rest the following month.

somehow by the time the bill came, half of all that cash i had saved for the tv was gone. so i didn’t pay off that balance in two payments as i had planned. and the temptation to use the card for other things got the better of me. before i knew it i had filled up the whole $1000 available credit. since then i have paid down (but never paid off) and filled up that credit line at least twice. that was over two years ago. only once did i use the credit line to transfer a balance from another card at 3.99% for six months. that balance transfer was the only good that came from having that credit line. but the balance transfer promotion rate expired two months ago and other credit lines charged higher interest, and so they were paid off first.

i read stories like this all the time, and i have wondered “how did this simple credit line get so out of hand? but now i understand how it is so easy for it to happen, and the way the credit companies promote opening a credit line, and how little the minimums are, and how much they offer as a credit line, it was so subtle i didn’t even feel it. but now that $961 will come out of my paycheck a little at a time each week. part of each paycheck will not be mine to keep as long as i am in debt. and the irony is, i was prepared to pay cash. and it would have been a done deal more than two years ago.

best buy “reward zone,” your time has come.

goodbye bank of america!

balance due: $0


karma is everything

i got my first check from my new job. my rate of pay is the same as before, when in the interview it was explained to me i would have to accept a small decrease per hour. i understood and i accepted. so i didn’t understand why i was still making the higher rate of pay. i had a dilemma. do i say something? or do i let them keep paying me more until they figure it out? what if they never figure it out? time for a karma check!

it was very difficult but i decided to tell my manager, the one with whom i had agreed to take the lower rate of pay. in private i said, “john? i think i am one of those troublesomely honest people, and i may be making a fool of myself for even saying this, but my paycheck says i am still being paid at the higher rate, when you had said there would be a decrease. i think there has been a mistake in the payroll department” and he said, “no, you are keeping your previous pay” and i said,”you mean this was not a mistake, this is on purpose?” and he said, “yes, after our interview i talked about your situation to my superiors. they made an exception and gave me discretion on how much to pay you. i looked at our payroll budget and we can afford to keep you at your current wage. you have been with the company for over two years and although you are getting a “cushier” job in that you have a set schedule and weekends off, you are not an entry level employee and should not be making an entry level wage. so it is not a mistake, but i appreciate your honesty in checking with me.” i said, “no john, thank you.”


so not only am i making the same pay, but i also earn mileage and travel time. and no nights no weekends. it is essentially a promotion. this whole time i thought it would be a step back from my progress, it is actually going to be a small step forward. with the extra i am making in mileage and travel time i may actually be able to pay my debt off a little faster. thank you karma!!

an opportunity came up for a new position

i am starting monday. it will be slightly less pay at first maybe for a year. all that means is this goal will be completed a little later than i had planned. but it will still be completed.

it's hard to remember how hard that period was for me

only three weeks ago.

i have since accepted i have to stay in the position i am in now (see “plan my job search”). i am actually making a little more money because i received my annual merit raise. plus there was a customer service award bonus in my check this week, $50 extra dollars. we have the opportunity to earn $50 every time we earn three of these customer service awards. this is only the third time in two years i have done it. so yaaahh!!

tonight i will write out my second to last payment to bank of america. the second to last payment i will ever have to make to them, ever. i haven’t had to make any of the feared adjustments to my plan to get out of debt, when only three weeks ago i was distraught and utterly stressed out.

so this is working out after all :)

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