Ms. Sunflower of the FLIRTY Plains in The Flirt Time Zone is doing 17 things including…

Be there for JKD

13 cheers


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Good luck tomorrow, Judith!

I must apologize for not doing too well with this goal thus far. My life’s been a little out-of-focus, between getting ready for my trip and battling a UTI (which the initial lab tests refused to validate). However, please know that you will be in my prayers tomorrow as I am traveling, and I’ll be checking in ASAP after I get to my sister’s house, to see how things went. If you get a bit nervous and scared, just imagine all of us 43Thingers standing around your bed and/or the operating table holding your hands. (Since you only have two hands, I imagine that would cause quite a ruckus.) :-D


Ms. Sunflower of the FLIRTY Plains has gotten 13 cheers on this goal.


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