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April's Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

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Not Forgotten

I’m still alive and well, and have not forgotten this goal or the promised prizes. My computer, however, is not so alive and well, so I’ve been a bit delayed. Right now I am using my OLD computer, which features Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 6. And no slot for my photo card (so all my pics are uploaded onto a friend’s computer). IE is really, really, really slow, and gets jammed up easily. This is my first venture on to 43Things with it, and I wasn’t sure how it would do. Not too bad, so far – it only took me about 20 secs for this box to open up when I clicked on “write an entry”.

I had some of the prizes kind of lined up, then realized I need to give out the awards first, so I know what I am mailing where; unfortunately, even viewing pictures on this computer is next to impossible, since it tends to jam up IE moving from picture to picture. Not to mention moving from page to page. So, I promise to find some quality and quantity time to spend on a decent computer elsewhere – either at the library or at a friend’s house.

Meanwhile, I miss the scavenger hunts, and all of you, and wonder what I am missing out on.

People's Choice

I have a few “prizes” to award, but I would like to open one up for everyone’s suggestions. So if you’re so inclined, please tell me your favorite photo submitted (by someone other than you) for April.

24. A Laundromat

My neighbors got a new washer and dryer – I think they might need it with their new baby. :-)

23. Yard or garden work

My buddy, Gabe, mowing my lawn. No, he doesn’t charge extra for the Tootsie Pop/ ;-)

22. A sign that says "spring"

One of our local shop windows. (Yes, it needs a bit more decorating, I think. The other window is a bit better.)

21. A runner

Lots of runners – the Jr. high kids often run by my house during P.E. in the spring and fall.


20. Someone who makes you laugh

Bella put on the “mullet” wig and was parading around in it. We were all laughing so hard that we made her cry. Poor little thing.

19. People hugging


18. A sunrise

Easter sunrise HALLELUJAH!!!

17. Joy

Jordon JUMPING for JOY!!!

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