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"loose" the weight - Go away, extra pounds! Run! Be free!

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Ms. Sunflower of the FLIRTY Plains has written 19 entries about this goal

Why are you doing this, really?

Chris asked this question on the “lose weight” goal recently, and I think it would do me good to answer it myself (me, not Myself, although she can answer it, too, if she wants).

I am doing it for me: I don’t like myself me like this and I’m tired of not liking me.

I am doing it for my health: being overweight increases my risk for many diseases and health conditions.

I am doing it for my heart: Flirting is much easier (I hope) when you feel good about yourself and look good to the flirtee.

I am doing it for the clothes: I have so many clothes that I love that don’t fit and I want to wear them. Plus, there are so many cute clothes out there I want to wear, but I refuse to spend the $$$ until I “loose the weight”.

I am doing it for my life: There are so many things out there in the world that I want to do and experience. Losing weight will make many of those things easier and more enjoyable.

Edit: I have more reasons, but I accidentally hit enter before I was done. I might add them later.

Opposing Forces

A call from my doctor’s office yesterday informed me that my TSH level was high, which means that my thyroid is under-active (hypothyroidism). One of the possible symptoms of this is weight gain, and while I haven’t gained weight, my weight loss has been pretty slow, despite my healthy eating and increased exercise.

I am going to start taking some medication to control this and besides affecting my weight loss (in a good way), I’m also hoping it will make a difference in some of my health issues. High cholesterol levels are associated with hypothyroidism, so there’s a possibility that this might help improve my LDL count. Also, my bladder/UTI problems have flared back up after I was doing lots better from being on antibiotics for 10 months.

A word to the wise:

If you’re having a bad day, it’s probably not a good idea to have a bowl of cookie dough sitting in your frig. So far, I’ve resisted, but the night is still young!!!

Mini Goal:

“LOOSE” 20 lbs in 10 weeks

I CAN do this!


Skinny Dippin' at Night!

Some extra incentive to keep on track with this goal!!! ;-D

Slowing down, but still going!

This goal hasn’t been a high priority the last month. Between having company (my nephew), and the heat (100+) I haven’t been to the gym, plus I’ve had a little too much ice cream (and other goodies). However, when I weighed in at the doctor’s office today, I was pleased to discover that I had lost another pound. Not much, but at least it shows that I’m on the right track!

Running Free!

I’ve completed the weight loss sprint, loosing 9 lbs over 8 weeks, and over the last 13 months of this goal, I’ve loosed a total of 30 lbs. WOO HOO!!!

I feel very encouraged and motivated to lose the rest, as long as I remember to focus on today and loosing one pound at a time, instead of trying to see the end of the road and getting discouraged at how far away it is. I do have a weight I’d like to be at in 6 months and in a year, but I’m not letting that be my main goal, and I’m NOT going to be discouraged if I don’t get there when I want to.

Good news, today (sort of)

I weighed today at the doctor’s office and I was down from my February weight back to what I weighed when I was there in December!!!

I’ve joined the 43 weight loss sprint team so watch for me to be losingloosing 8 more lbs over the next 8 weeks.

Guess what everybody?

I “loosed” 7 pounds since the end of August!!!

I weighed in today

at my primary dr.’s office, and I’ve definitely lost atleast 10 lbs., and probably closer to 15!!! A slow start for 4 months of work, but 1one pound at a time is the way it has to go!!!

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