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have a frugal home

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another photography spree

and I feel stuck. Somehow I just don’t get to ebaying that stuff. It just seems to get more and more and more… moan

another photography spree

took 2 rounds of photos of old things on the weekend.

I talk of “rounds” because my camera has such a small memory. I can’t store more than about 20 images on it and since it’s maximum resolution is 1600×1200 pixels, it doesn’t make sense to take smaller images. It can’t handle SD cards, too. So it’s photograph – empty memory – take more pictures – empty memory…

Not exactly frugal, but clean

I’ve added another item to my household, but: a useful one. I bought a vacuum cleaner and used it thoroughly this weekend, exterminating dust from corners where it had been sitting invincibly.
A whole new experience of cleanliness!

about yesterday

I actually did all I wanted to do yesterday. Except the photos.

2 items more posted, and another photography spree

I’ve taken images of some more items, yesterday I brought 2 more packets to the post office.
Today I cleaned my living room thoroughly. My desk is so clean now, nothing lingering on it that doesn’t belong there.
Further projects for today:

- Do handwashing laundry
- tie strings for my plants
- fold dry laundry
- clean up some things that belong to my lumber room
- maybe take some more images of items for sale

and finally do something nice for myself and care for my feet.

Quite an agenda, isn’t it? I doubt I will manage all of it.

first item sent

This morning, I posted the first sold item. Feels good. :D


All the items I put on ebay were sold. I’m so glad to give them away to people that actually want them instead of throwing them away!

Now I should really go for a second round ^^

Photography spree!

I took pictures of some other things I’m going to give away until my camera memory was full. Emptied them to my computer and I’m going for another round while I’m motivated.

Plus, my auctions on ebay are doing unexpectedly well. I just have to resist the urge of immediately spending the awaited income on all the beautiful things you might find there, so far I’ve managed that as well.

I’ve half filled a big garbage bag with old (and no longer wearable) clothes, too.

preparing things for sale...

... put 10 books on bookmooch (hoping to give more away than on and 2 items more on ebay. This seems neverending.

put 3 items on ebay!

For no fees at all, thanks to a special “start at 1€ and put it up for free” campaign. Hope they will sell. And plan to do more this weekend, umm, perhaps take pics of all the sound equipment that’s lumbering about my place?

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