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do yoga daily

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well, so far its been 7 consecutive more week and Ill feel confident saying Im in the habit of doing yoga daily- yay! And damn does it feel good to- I love yoga!


Well, I didnt get to do yoga in the morning as Id like to do but I did do it this evening so taht is something. ; ) My ultimate goal (thus far) is daily, 60 min +, and in the mornings, maybe a short session at night wouldnt be such a bad idea either.

day 4

ok day 4 …check! ; ) So far so good on this goal..I just needed to get started- exercise is pretty easy for me once I get into the habit of it..its just a matter of making it a priority. Next goal for this will be to do it for a full hour every day.


well, I did yoga again this morning- yay! So I wonder how many days in a row I have to do yoga for me to be able to feel satisfied that I do yoga daily ; ) I suppose two weeks will be my test.


yay! second day of yoga in a row big progress! hehe
After I did yoga this morning I found an even better site (for other poor people out there that want to do yoga) You just have to give it time- especially if you havent done it in a class at all- because youllhave to read each entry and play with it until you get it right but once your body gets it and remembers it you will really start to feel the benefits- so you jsut have to be patient if you are doing it this way. Anyway, here it is:


yay ; ) Ok so this morning was my first time doing yoga in about a month. As I said before I had to just get the postions of the net and do them at home to work with the resources I have. I cant believe how tight i got in one month- ugh! Its also cause its first thing in the morning though anyway, I LOVE how yoga makes you feel and I would recommend it to anyone!
Hopefully tomorrow will be alittle more productive ; )


ok! So I got the now tomorrow morning I just have to do them ; )

just the beginning

I think today Im going to look up yoga postures on the internet (since its my only access right now) so I can start to do them at home and then when I get to nyc I can start attending classes.

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