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the nightmare again

The nightmare happened in the same place as I dreamt several weeks ago.It seemed as a crossroad in a Japanese prison(I mean,it looks like in a prisoner-of-war camp,in the anti-Japan war in World War two).I had to choose a road to escape,but it seems that I would be killed by the enemies no matter which road I chose.So at last I chose to suicide.
I’m very puzzled why this horrified place existed in my dream for twice.I looked up the dream dictionary,it said that suicide means that I should change my social performance,of release myself from heavy psychologic burden,and I should try believing the advice from my friends,and stop the way of being alone,and change the gloomy mood.
In some extent,this explanation is true.In these day(maybe in these months),I often easy to get nervous or depressed,cause I had to do a lot of work,I rarely have time to stay with my friends,and lack of communicating with them.the truth is cruel.I wish I do have my real spare time to meet my friends and tell them my obstacle and hard situation after I finished this part of work in hand.:)


dreamt of buffon and rossi this noon,it’s my first time dreaming of two famous people at one dream,and they’re both the italian,it seems a bit difficult to understand.;) and I made lunch for them at home,they’re both my guests.:D

sweet dream :)

I dreamt of Totti last night,no, this early morning,after I watched the match between Italy and Ghana,haha,Intaly won the game,2-0.:D
Totti was so sweet in my dream,we took a walk together,and I felt so warm.I even asked myself whether it was a dream or not in my dream!however,it is the sweetest dream I have ever dreamt.
love you totti,good luck Italy!


I often didn’t record it by written it,I just recollect my dream after I get up,then look up for my dream dictionary.


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