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be a better husband

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the only way we are never going to be together is when she get tired of me and leaves me for whatever reasn take your pick another
man another woman( hey this is 2006) i’m an asshole who cares the reason the point is that she would leave me before i left her!!!


actualy got to fall asleep with my wife last night. her working alot and alot at night has prevented this from happening for some time but i do enjoy it so. i deffinatly don’t take her for granted


try not to get upset with her about her telling me how she feels about certain subjects and actualy resolve the issue. i do realize that she is trying to work through it and i am just masking the situation so i will try to talk and calm her fears the best way i know how. but i assure anyone who reads this that she has not to worry about the fears that she does have cause we are together forever without a doubt in my mind. the only way that we would not be together is if she were to tell me that she doesn’t want to be with me. I would never do anything to hurt her that deeply because she is the world to me. She is my other half the person that everyone searches for but hardly ever finds. but i did and wil never let it go without a fight.


got her flowers yesterday


Just a general thing really try to make my wife feel like she makes me feel really

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