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Find a Partner, a Purpose, and a Plan.


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Bridge and I

lucked on a deal to buy an RV together for 2000 in payments of 350 a month that would house us both. She worked off the lot rent part time for the park and I paid the mortgage. Great for three months…. then she started getting pissed over every word that came out of my mouth. When she told me to get out 3 times I had to. I had trusted her enough to not have my name on the purchase agreement. She said thats how they wanted it. She kicked me out 4 days after I paid that months mortgage and sent me down the road with 40 dollars and no where to go but Moms. Why do I keep trying?


Keith turned out to be in an “Open” relationship of 30 years that he neglected to tell me about, and after investing money into preparing for a trip he was never really going to embark on…I bought my own little tiny livaboard sailboat. But without the partner, the plan fell flat… so I sold the boat and moved to oregon to be near my friend Bridge and work on some books. Partner…plan…purpose.

Well, Nature wasn't the partner...

But Keith has hung in there for 5 months now, and the plan is progressing smoothly. We are sailing south in 2 weeks, if everything goes as planned.


I’ve loved him forever, it seems.

We’re going to try again.

I love him soooo much! I feel so grateful that love like that exists to be experienced, and I’m getting another shot at a “Great Love”. Sigh.

3 little things...

And yet they are really all thats needed for happiness for most people.


I want to:
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