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I have completed German I.

I ended up getting an A in German I. I am not sure what I got on the final, but I feel that I did pretty well and my final grade reflects it. I am taking German II next semester so I am looking forward to that. I am pretty good at the grammar that I have learned so far. I just need to study the vocab more. This will obviously have to be studied over the winter break so I do not lose what I have learned.

Three more weeks left and one more chapter to cover!

I have already signed up for German 102. I have found German just takes a lot of repetition. I have fallen behind a little bit and it is mainly due to some burn out that I experienced. However, I am very refreshed that the semester is almost over and this have given me plenty of energy to really take this class down with a bang. As of right now I can make basic sentences which I find to be exciting.

Finally a good test!

Well, I still made mistakes that I shouldn’t have made and mispelled some words, but overall it was pretty solid. I got 102% with the 9% extra credit that I had gotten. So, without the extra credit I had gotten a 93% which is a solid A-. I can appreciate this test score and I will try to do much better on the next test.

Test on Chapter 3..... Ist er dich Onkel. (WRONG)

Ist er dein Onkel. (RIGHT) I totally mixed up the accusitive form of du and the possesive form of du on the test I took overall, it cost me a cool 19.5 points on the test. I cannot believe I did that; however, I will never mix them up again. The 19.5 point loss on the test hurt; well, it hurt me more than my grade.

I just got quiz #2 back.

I did worse than I expected, but I did better than the first quiz. I got a 90% on this quiz and a 87% on the first quiz. Ich spreche Deutsch any chance I get (vocabulary permitting). I could have done better on the quiz though; I made some silly errors as I usually do, but an improvement is an improvement and I will take it. I feel that I will do much better on the next quiz.

Auf Wiedersehen

Got my first test back.

The test was on the introduction and on chapter 1 of the book. I studied hard and then I made silly mistakes on the test. I could have easily gotten an A but I got a B (87%). I will do better on the next test; I will make sure that I take the time to review everything more thoroughly.

Well I have gotten through the third week of German.

Yesterday, I felt pretty unsure of what I have learned so far but after reviewing the two chapters we have covered I feel pretty confident about my progress. I also like the professor which is a plus.

Auf Wiedersehen

Why I am learning the German language.

I decided that I should learn German when I found out that I had a foreign language deficiency at my university. I looked over many languages that I could have taken such as French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, Greek, and of course German.

I first thought maybe I could do French I took a little French while in highschool, but I remember that it bored me and I never had an opportunity to use it. That is when I came across Spanish I thought to myself that I could use Spanish daily. I always see the all of the Mexican soap operas on T.V., but atlast I have a penis and no use for soap operas. I also pondered the thought of learning Japanese or Chinese, but I have no want to learn a whole new way of writing and speaking just to forget most of it by the time I am out of school. Finally I remembered I am in school for physics.

What better to learn than German. There are many famous German physicists. Germany is also a center for physical studies. Plus I even have a friend that speaks some German so maybe I can call her and bug her while talking in German. Then I remembered that if I don’t learn German or some other language I will not graduate. After all, if I ever get kidnapped, drugged, and wake up in a German hostel with one of my kidneys missing I can always get myself to a hospital.

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