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start a business

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With 6 items up for sale at bewhiskered.etsy.com I’m going to mark this one complete.

grant money

I’m looking for grants today. I don’t need a lot of money to really get the business going well, but it would help to have a couple thousand dollars. I’m not interested in a loan since we’re trying to go completely debt free.

Not having much luck finding specific grants online yet, but I’m still digging.

I have a name!

I’ve finally decided on a name for my business. Now I have to look up getting a license or whether I even need one. still gotta print out a business plan template and go through that too.

got my sewing machine back, so by weekend after this one I should be able to work on some inventory.

okay so...

I took my sewing machine into the shop today to be fixed. that’s a big step toward getting product in the inventory and putting things into etsy.

I should have it back by friday.

going eCommerce

I’ve been researching the things I need to know to make a real go at a business, and I’ve decided to start with an eCommerce business. Next steps are to write a business plan and get a lisence.


I’ve actually started a couple of businesses, but I’ve never treated them as such and I let them fizzle. I’d like to do one the right way, with a business plan and the whole 9 yards.

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