wolfgirlalicerocks is doing 6 things including…

become a mermaid


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Omigosh I’m so bored. I wish it would rain instead of snow.


What’s the new chatzy link?


Everytime I put energy into my legs I feels wierd. Like I’m floating. Like something is bout to happen.

There and Back!

I’m back… again. Lav + Cordi tell me the important news plz. (Also Hakura) Anything new? I have 2 know!


I think I still like AJ. I’m sorry Lav.


I have no idea who u are because ur new but AJ <3s Lav (Bella).

Lav + Cordi

I want this to stop. Marina is tourtoring me. Not physicaly but sooner or later we’ll have to to deal with her. And when we’re 13 we’re (Cordi and me) supposed to get tails. Tell me any info u guys have.

PS: Does AJ remember me? Tell him I said hi!


My heart feels so wierd…


What’s happened? Has it reallly been so long? Laverna… Cordelia… What’s happenenig… 13… is .. the.. number…


Hey long time no see! Yall miss me?


I want to:
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