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respect myself


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wonderfulloved has written 3 entries about this goal

Who I am -- Caretaker Type

One of the things i value is being open, loving, and giving. i am a caretaker type. I am still young and maybe i will look back on this and think i am being silly or nieve. Anyway, i am committed to who i am and that person is a giving, sweet, and kind person. i wont change for anyone. my interest in caring has nothing to do with the end result. it is beside the point. what is important about giving is that there is the pure action of it. i get so passionate about this idea, and then life happens and i loose sight of this ideal that i hold so dear, this concept i base my life upon, and a way of life i have already lived and loved. the important part of giving is in the action, the end result, and what the giver thinks or… how they reciprocate is not important – it isnt the POINT of giving. a strong person i believe is able to live this way. why cant humans just be kind, and go on with their day and not base their lives, or base their PERSONALITIES upon what they do for people. a strong person is able to be this sort of caretaker and i aspire to be this person, i aspire to never again, even for a moment forget about this becaise the most.. successful times in my life.. the most challenging and meaningful time of my life i was very adhered to this. i will be a strong human—aware of my faults, and with an iron clad adhesion to my values, and will not loose sight once again of who i am.

sometimes one has to loose it all to gain it back stronger.

Thank you 43Things, for allowing me to have the space to find myself again.


Opened my mouth and spoke up about what i wanted and how i wanted thigns to be. long time coming.

done in the right way, the squeaky wheel really does get the greese. i didnt want to be the “sqeeky wheel” but i realize it is better than [placating, and stuffing emotions and how i actually feel. becu then it comes out in passive agressive ways.

“i am naturally kind, it is second nature for me”
“i am a friend, not a floosey”


respect self.

and all other things fall into place.

Respect Self, Respect Clothes

IF the clothes make the man… then…..... do the clothes make the woman? I love a good pair of heels and…. a new…...... shirt/sweater/whatever. it is not the magic bullet. but… it helps


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