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I got hired today, orientation will hopefully be next week, possibly the week after.

sending out the resume

I applied for 10 more jobs on CareerBuilder in the past couple of days. That’s in addition to the dozen I applied for at the beginning of the week. Hopefully I will hear back from something soon.

plugging away again

This went on the back burner for a while while I was concentrating on classes and using my student loan to get by. But I applied for about 10 jobs yesterday and marked some leads for others. I’ve also got an application sitting here that just needs my hours filled out and I can turn it in.


I’m fairly certain I can mark this off within a few days. YAY!


I may have a job. I don’t want to be excited until it’s definite but I already am anyway. She has to check my references so hopefully no one is saying anything bad about me.

Keep your fingers crossed for me?

good news?

Goodwill job wants another interview. I have a possible interview at Target on Thursday (networked inside connection yay) and there are a couple other places that I know are desperate to hire people.

freaking out, quite honestly

I interviewed for the Goodwill job but I haven’t heard back. I’ve mailed off 4 or so resumes this week, I need to get some more sent in before the week’s end.

If I get into school that’s going to make this even harder because whatever I look for really needs to be part time.

I’m going to start hitting the food places I think.

update 8/10

I applied for 11 jobs this week. I have plans to probably go to a temp agency or two next week, and I’m supposed to interview with someone either Monday or Tuesday for a Goodwill store position. It would be minimum wage but it would be money coming in while I look for something more long term. There’s a part time secretary job that I would love to get that’s here in town so I’m going to be applying for it today.

hopefully a good lead?

I didn’t stop by the employment (temp) agency today because the Goodwill thing lasted much longer than I expected. I think I may stick with them rather than trying completely on my own at the temp places and such because I think it will work out better for me in the long run. We shall see, I suppose. Tomorrow I go back in for interview training and stuff.

I began in earnest today

I applied for a few things online today, and I copied some information from local classifieds. Tomorrow I have an appointment with Goodwill and will also be stopping by an employment agency in the same area.

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