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learn to play pan flute and find some good music with pan flutes!

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I found Flutes of the Andes found below via link from a seller for $13.49! (similar to the favorite I remember)


also Magic Flutes and Music From the Andes off of Amazon.com for $6.98!

I also liked Magic of the Indian Flute Volume 1 and Volume 2 along with Flute Music of the Andes! The way they blew the flutes is reminiscent of the tape I bought at the Maine Rockland Fair ten to fifteen years ago.

Big anthology of it found in the album Art of the Andean Flute(import) for $36, but a really good selection I think for the price-

Good styles from Aconcaqua- album Magical Flutes From the Andes!

Good stuff!

Woohoo thanks to a site recommended by someone on a game I play...

it’s cdbaby.com and there I found alot of great selections and funny categories!

For pan flutes though because I’m interested in South American and Peruvian, I did manage to find a few, and get to preview them which I especially like!!!

1) Andanzas Andanzas: Songs of South America $15.00

2) Cultura Sur $12.97

3) Arpay Andean Music: Instrumental $12.99

4) Nayo Ulloa Loma Prieta $12.97

These are for the future when I have the cash to spend and try them out for real, for now I’ll enjoy my previews on cdbaby.com


tonight for some reason I’m reminded of my fascination with pan flutes. When I was younger, we went to Maine almost every summer. It was there at the Rockland Lobster Fair that I saw a group from Peru play. They were awesome. I bought their tape and played it alot. I have to refind it and see if I can find a cd of theirs. I’ve also been to many Powwow’s and love the flutes that the Native Americans play. Soothing and fun too!

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