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get my masters degree or get other degrees

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Other degrees can include what's going on with Washington I think...

I’m currently filling out my application online for that. It’ll be a temporary, but if all goes well, I’ll have a permanent one there too.

The debate of what to do is still on..

currently though if I were to go for master’s here at FAU, I found out a few things.

If I were to go it’s a 36 credit program, so that’s 12 classes if each one is 3 credits. One class is (according to a friend) $758. Logically thinking, then, to get my master’s would be something along the lines of $9096. That’s just tuition. There are books to add on, travelling cost and sadly, the chance tuition will go up.

Food for thought ….like my brain isn’t full enough yet right?

Current dilemmas are these..

1. Should I stay or should I go from FL? Only people still left are my folks and my niece & ex-bro-in-law. However supposedly the niece & ex bro-in-law may be moving in a few months. That’ll leave just folks. I’ve lived here basically all my life..would I make out ok elsewhere?

2. Should I stay and go ahead try for the teaching thing that if I earn it, gives me $10k on top of my teacher’s salary? That is something I could do, as another teacher on my team has done this and has been helping others go through it. Might be a good idea and then I could teach elsewhere in the USA with no problem.

3. Should I hang out this year, and get stuff in order to see if I should go to Washington state and teach there? As that’s where the person I’m involved with is and I do like the climate there….just my folks aren’t there. Should I feel this attached to them?

4. Should I go ahead and try for my Masters degree while still here, as the colleges are conveniently close by?

5. Make sure I’m still meeting requirements for teaching here and go for the teaching thing that another teacher told me about at the college? It’d mean a few hours after working at school, but I’d have holidays, and weekends off and be making $20 an hour. Set the money aside for the land in Maine for improvements and use it to pay off my loans/credit card debts.

If anyone has anything they think might be better or an opinion please share it. This is what is swirling around on my mind most of the time.

Is it wrong to be so happy not to be a student?

I am so happy currently not to be a student. I never thought I’d enjoy being a teacher as much as I do right now. Even with my bad days. I miss college a bit because it’s so ..quiet there! I don’t miss term papers and running to class trying not to be late or not missing a single class though. I know I’ll go back just not looking forward to it as much anymore.


I might join the Peace Corps if they’ll let me so I don’t pay for all of my masters degree. Or I could stay here in Florida a little longer and go back to my old university, Florida Atlantic University for my masters. I think this county pays back some for whatever you learn. I should check into this….

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