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Taylor in Wisconsin is doing 18 things including…

watch less television

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The TV season's over

And I have so much more free time now! Yay!

Over the summer I’ll probably cancel HBO after Sopranos finishes up. I liked Entourage, but not worth $12 a month.

Thursday night TV

Hi, my name is Writer1037, and I watch too much TV.

Thursday has always been a troublesome night for us, going back to when Cheers and Seinfeld, Hill Street Blues and LA Law ruled Thursday nights. Several years ago we gave up on ER (after Anthony Edwards character died), which I don’t regret at all. But then CBS came along with CSI and Without a Trace. One step up and two steps back. Luckily, we never got into Survivor. But we do watch Dancing With The Stars when it’s in season, which can be a huge time waster between dance numbers.

Will and Grace—Didn’t watch this show the first season or two, but then got hooked.

My Name is Earl—It’s funny to laugh at white trash.

The Office—OMG, brilliant and hillarious! I haven’t seen the British original, so I can’t comment on which is better. But I love the Jim and Pam storyline.

CSI—Didn’t watch this one at the start either, but we’ve become hooked. Some friends went to Vegas and saw them filming in one of the casinos. She got close enough to touch “Nick Stokes”, but didn’t.

Without a Trace—I don’t know whether this show is in decline or not. Half the cases seem to be ones you’d think local police would be handling instead of the FBI. Anthony LaPaglia’s a great actor, and we also love Eric Close from “Now and Again.”

Commander in Chief—This show just returned from hiatus and is now on Thursday nights. I’ve always been a big fan of Steven Bochco’s shows like Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, etc., but after he took over as executive producer from creator Rod Lurie, the show has lost a lot of its edge.

Wednesday night TV

Hi, my name is Writer1037, and I watch too much TV.

Here’s my Wednesday night line up:

Criminal Minds—Well done show with Mandy Patinkin (Chicago Hope, which I didn’t really watch but my wife did) and Thomas Howell (Dharma & Greg) about the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit and serial killers. I know, more blood and gore. Wednesday’s episode had an interesting homage to Hitchcock’s “Psycho” when an FBI agent spun around a chair to find the mummified remains of the killer’s mother sitting there, just like Norman Bates’ mommy.

CSI: New York—Another CSI franchise show we’re watching mostly because it has CSI in the title. I like Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan in Forest Gump) because he’s a Chicago actor and Cubs fan, but I have a hard time identifying with his character. The most interesting actor on the show is Hill Harper, who plays the medical examiner-turned CSI. We recently saw him in an indy film called “Love, Sex and Eating the Bones,” which was really good.

Heist—The main reason for watching this show about burglars planning to rob three Rodeo Drive jewelry stores during Oscar week is Steve Harris, who we loved as Eugene in The Practice. The show is really fast-moving and clever.

Law and Order—The granddaddy of police procedurals. We didn’t watch the early years for some reason, but then started around 94 or 95 when Sam Waterston joined the cast. This week’s episode was a repeat, which saved us some time.

The Evidence - A new procedural on ABC with the entertaining Orlando Jones and the sage Martin Landau. If this show went away I wouldn’t be too sad, but it’s an interesting way to kill an hour - 45 minutes if we tape it and FF thru commercials.

Alert viewers may notice that Lost isn’t on the list. All I can say is thank God we never got sucked into that show. I’m sure it’s very good, but it’s just too much.


Hi, I’m writer1037, and I watch too much TV.

Here’s my Tuesday night schedule:

Scrubs—About the only medical show we watch anymore, and only because it’s not much about medicine.

Whatever’s after Scrubs—Teachers is on now, but we skipped it last night to watch the tape of Monday’s “New Christine.” That’s a plus.

Law and Order Special Victim’s Unit: Elliott and Livia are a great team, though I often watch more for Richard Belzer (Munch from “Homicide”). They’ve had some great episodes this year.

Boston Legal: One of my favorite shows on now. We watch almost anything by David E. Kelley (with the exception of Boston Public). James Spader is endlessly entertaining. I have a huge crush on Rhona Mitra (Tara) but she’s off the show now.

Thief: This is the first series from FX we’ve watched, mostly because of Andre Braugher (also from Homicide and Hack), who’s a magnificent actor.

In past years we watched Judging Amy and NYPD Blue on Tuesday nights.

Monday nights

Hi, my name is Writer1037, and I’m addicted to TV.

This is my Monday TV habit:

Two and a Half Men: Chuck Lorre, who created 2 1/2 men and Dharma and Greg, is hilarious, as is his show. I love the dynamic between brothers Charlie and Allen.

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Julia Louise Dreyfus is a favorite from Seinfeld, so how can I not watch? Actually, if it wasn’t on after 2 1/2, I probably might not watch it.

CSI: Miami—It’s part of the CSI franchise, so how can we not watch it? My wife likes it more than I do, though I’ve got a secret crush on Emily Procter (the CSI with the long, blonde hair)

Mondays used to be much worse when Las Vegas and Crossing Jordan were on. But they’ve moved to other nights, which just moves the problem. Fridays are a huge mess now. Mondays are also tough because we end up catching up on shows we taped Sunday nights.

Sunday Night TV

Hi, my name is Writer1037, and I’m a TV addict. It’s been one day since I last watched TV.

This is our current Sunday night TV schedule:

60 Minutes—we don’t watch religiously, but we’ll have it on.

West Wing—Must See TV for political junkies like us. Watched it from the beginning. But the show is ending this spring, so that will be one less hour to watch.

Cold Case—One of the many detective shows we watch. Great Philadelphia locations, good writing, nice use of period music. Plus (swear to God) I know the brother of the guy who wrote the theme music.

Desperate Housewives: So catty, so wonderful.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent—How can you not watch Vincent Donofrio? Even the weeks he’s not on, how can you not watch Mr. Big?

Crossing Jordan - My wife likes this one more than I do, but it’s often good. I liked it better when Ken (can’t remember his last name - from White Shadow) played Jordan’s father.

Sopranos - Absolutely cannot miss. It’s not TV - it’s HBO.

Other Sunday shows (when in season)

Sunday Night Baseball—We watch this when the Cubs play. Luckily, this is usually in summer when not much is on Sunday nights. But April, May and September can be trouble.

The Wire—Another HBO must-see. 10-week novels for TV set on the same Baltimore streets popularized by Homicide: Life on the Street. Deals often with the problems of addiction. (Can I learn something here?)

Curb Your Enthusiasm—Absolutely the funniest show on TV.

Entourage—Funny, clever, though not essential to watch.

If you haven’t figured it out, watching all these shows sometimes requires the use of two VCRs, as well as HBO’s West Coast feed on DirecTV, our favorite dealer.

Going to make a list

Just like listing all your balances when you’re getting out of debt, I’m going to list all my TV shows over the next few weeks to add up the hours. Hopefully that will shock me into doing something about this time-eater.

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