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finish our book

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Taylor has written 3 entries about this goal

We finally started this week

After two or three years of doing nothing, we’ve finally started working again – just for a few hours on Monday. But it felt really good.

Maybe some movement

Over margaritas on Saturday we talked about starting to work on the book again. It’s been two years since we did anything substantial on it, and we need to finish it or give up in order to make room in our lives for new projects.

Talking over margaritas is dangerous because everything seems possible under the influence of tequila. The reality is that not everything is possible. So much of it is about priorities. About setting aside time to work, and not getting sidetracked.

When it comes to food and other things, my eyes are often bigger than my stomach. I want everything, but can’t possibly eat everything I put on my plate. As a result, a lot of effort (and food) gets wasted.

My wife and I were writing a book together

but for the last year or so we’ve made almost no progress. The interviews and document sit in a file cabinet.

This year, I want us to finish it.

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