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Think without thinking

I achieved total control over my mind and my thoughts about a year ago. I meditated every night for three weeks slowly removing all the rubbish from my mind until I could think without thinking. I know this may sound impossible but it isn’t. It’s just difficult to achieve. The hardest part is having enough mental disipline to push all your thoughts from your mind and keep your mind totally silent. You must also be very patient. It can take days just to clear some of the useless information that buzzes around in your head. How did I achieve this? Well I first worked on removing all the nonsense information like useless facts, trivia, songs and tv commercials replaying in my mind. I then moved onto the bigger issues that related to me and one by one I cleared them from my mind. Once your mind is clear then you have to make sure it stays that way by continuing to meditate. Otherwise your mind will slip back into it’s old chaotic ways. I hope this info was of help.


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