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wynter_p in Houston is doing 11 things including…

master cleanse


wynter_p has written 22 entries about this goal

Day 4-My stomach must be angry!

I have not broken the fast but I didn’t drink the tea or do the SWF today because I spent the night at my bf’s house and I didn’t want to gross him out too much. LOL! By the time we parted ways it was the afternoon and I had already made some lemonade so I will pick up with the tea later on tonight.

For some reason tonight I had really bad indigestion again and a terrible stomach ache. Last time I experienced indigestion on the fast someone suggested peppermint tea. It works! I always get heartburn on the fast probably because of the acidity of the lemons and my mild case of acid reflux. I think after the fast I’m going to continue to use the peppermint tea as a remedy instead of Tums, etc.

Because of my stomachache I didn’t have much of an appetite for the juice (only drank about 4 cups). For the most part, I slept alot through the day and to keep from being too cold I wrapped up in two blankets! Brrrr!!

Happy Fasting!

God Bless

Day 3

Okay my sense of smell is like a canine!! I hate it because I smell people and food from a mile away. On a lighter note I had a lot of energy today. I didn’t even nap after work, and my sleep at night was wonderful. I have heard one of the effects of the fast is good sleep. I’m enjoying that part. I was extremely cold all day, but I’m used to that. Just have to wear socks around the house. Overall Day 3 wasn’t that bad.

My purpose of the fast is overall health and spiritual well-being and I definitely need to focus more on the spiritual part. My bf and I were studying the bible together, but I guess we just got complacent. This is the time for me to get studying. I just hope that I can focus again.

God Bless

Day 2

I am already feeling cold all the time. My office is always very cold but usually I can deal with it, today I was freezing and couldn’t bear to be in there for more than a few minutes. I found myself setting up at other people’s desks to avoid my frigidaire of an office, and sitting around in my wool and cashmere coat (not necessary in Texas, it was only 58 degress outside, LOL). Suprisingly I wasn’t sleepy or sluggish all day, but that may be due to sleeping almost all day yesterday. I am going through some stressful times I hope the cleanse helps with that and doesn’t make me too sensitive.

On a lighter note, I went to sleep last night without drinking my tea by accident and I woke up this morning and drank the tea and did the SWF shortly afterward. It had the exact same affect. I was afraid it wouldn’t work, but in less than 1 hour I was headed to the toilet! So for those of you who accidentally skip that step, just start in the am and you can get back on track. That’s my wisdom for the day.

God Bless!

Round 2--Day 1

Today is my first day of my second Master Cleanse and I keep thinking what have I gotten myself into. I will go for 14 days like last time and I am anxious to finish already. I was reading some of my journal entries from the last time and it was a roller coaster to say the least. I experienced good days and bad days, but I ended up losing the extra weight I wanted to lose.

This time I am focusing on spiritual clarity, since it is a fast. I need to focus on God and the physical results are secondary. Good luck to everyone on this journey with me. I hope I can provide some insight and receive some guidance from you all.

God Bless

Day 14--I have never craved so much in my life!

Although this is my last day on the fast, I have been craving food like its going out of style. I am tempted to just give up and eat what I want to eat. I will not give up though, I have come too far! My tongue is not totally pink, but it is much better than it was.

I know that I have to follow the 3 day post fast warm-up so I will be going to the Whole Foods Market right after church to get some organic orange juice. I may make some broth for dinner tommorrow night. I don’t know if I can wait another day for solid food. I hope it doesn’t scare my intestines! LOL!

Overall I have lost at least 15lbs. or more!!! My clothes fit totally different and my jeans are way too big! I will weigh myself on Monday (my scale is at work for the office weight loss challenge).

Anyway, I am very proud of myself for sticking to the fast. It was not an easy task by any means. I applaude all of you who have been faithful! For we know that “the race is not given to the swift, but to the one who endures till the end.”

God Bless!

Day 13

Normal, no frills. I passed on the office breakfast with ease this morning. I enjoyed the smells enough to curb my craving though. Lately my appetite has been getting smaller. I am usually full with 4-5 glasses of lemonade now. The book prescribes 6-10, but I’m just not that hungry anymore!!.

I have found that during the day I have tons of energy but when I get home I have a really bad crash and burn! I have come home the last two days and fell asleep with my clothes on. I usually wake up sometime in the middle of the night and drink the senna tea and get dressed for bed. But as soon as I get home I fall into a deep sleep. I assume this is a symptom of the fast, who knows?

Only one more day to go! I almost hate to quit because I am enjoying my new look and the compliments from my co-workers on my weight loss. On the other hand, I could get use to solid foods again. I will keep you posted on what happens in the next few days.

God Bless!

Day 12

Today I felt pretty good all day. I went back to my SWF this morning (I had to skip yesterday because of the diarrhea) and everything was as normal. Unfortunately I went to work and I forgot my maple syrup so I couldn’t make any lemonade for breakfast or lunch. All I had was some peppermint tea, so I drank that for lunch and I just had to wait until I got home to make some of the Master Juice :).

As usual I was colder than ever and I can still smell through brick walls. Literally, I can smell everything!!!

I haven’t told anyone that I am on this fast except the people that really care about me and you all who are doing and experiencing the same things. I think its best if you keep something like this to yourself. Its already hard enough giving up food/changing your life, then to have to deal with naysayers, snickers, questions, and possible negativity. I didn’t want that, so I kept this very personal and its better this way. I have my close friends supporting me and you guys are the best!

As for my spiritual journey, life is only getting better everyday because true communion with God is awesome. People fasted in the bible for spiritual breakthroughs and they still do today. I am using this time of fast to really focus in on God and my purpose and it has been a blessing to me.

Only 2 more days to go. You guys keep it up, its worth it!

God Bless!!

Day 11-Almost Back to normal

Okay the diarrhea has stopped, but my stomache is still weak. I am able to drink the lemonade but my stomache still feels a little funny. This morning I had to skip the SWF because I knew my stomache couldn’t handle it. I think tommorrow will be a different story. I am not going to give up!!

Tonight I went to church and someone told me I was so skinny that they didn’t recognize me. Yeh!!! My purpose of the fast was to lose weight and for spiritual clarity and both of those things are coming to pass. Not to mention, the support I have gained from some of you guys is priceless. Only 3 more days to go!

God Bless

Day 11-Sickly

Rough day. I have had diarrhea for two days now and I don’t seem to have an appetite. I am trying to drink my lemonade but my stomache is so sensitive I can’t seem to finish this one cup from this morning. My stomache is definitely irritated. I read the Peter G’s book and he said that diarrhea was a slightly normal reaction during detox as long as it didn’t last more than 4-5 days. I have a really unpleasant feeling in my stomach and I wish I could take some immodium or something to clear it up. I am starting to hate the lemonade, probably because of how I feel right now.

I know my senses are hightened because I can smell everyone. I just want to go back to the normal detox stages. I am determined to make it to day 14.

God Bless


I went to the Whole Food Market Today and I found some probiotics vitamins but I don’t know if they are the right kind. Can anyone advise me on the right probiotics pills to purchase? Is there something specific I should be looking for?

God Bless!


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