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identify 100 things that make me happy.


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x1Nicole1x has written 30 entries about this goal

#30) thunderstorms

sometimes they scare me.
but mostly, i just love the feeling
you know, right before a storm?
where everything’s all shook up?
and the wind’s blowing,
it feels very calm-like.
and then it starts raining like BAM.
i just like it.

#29) friendship bracelets

I like making them.
And wearing them.
It makes me feel useful,
because even if I screw up while amking them
it’s okay.
and they colors can be very pretty-ful.

#28) british accents

i just like them.
especially when american people
try to imitate them.
they’re cute.
And always make me smile.

#27) butterflies

as someone who has a really short attention span.
seeing a butterfly
really really really
amuses me.
and chasing them
is pretty fun too.
The strange looks
only make me laugh harder.

#26) running

i’m not for running outside.
i’ll admit, i’m not so good at that.
at the moment, i’m still only good
at running on the treadmill.
but still.
it’s hard for me to get on their in the first place.
but once i do.
it’s all good. =)

#25) teen titans

i remember.
i watched an old episode the other day, right?
and i was thinking,
“I remember why i loved this show.”
it’s a great cartoon.
it makes me laugh to watch it.
it’s a great show.

#24) showers

I love showering.
Because of the warm water.
And how clean I feel afterwards.
It’s nice.
And very refereshing.
I’m always happy after I take a shower.
Whether I’m mad or sad or angry before.
It calms me down.

#23) dancing

it involves moving
and you know how they say exercise releases
hormones or something
that make you happy
and i feel prettyful
and sexy
and coordinated when i dance.
which is a rarity. ;-)

#22) lambs

I’ve had them up at the barn
For two or three years now.
I like them out of all my farm animals best.
They’re alway so nice to me.
And fuzzy.

#21) newspapers

After taking journalism,
I’ve re-discovered an appreciation for newspapers.
Looking for it from
Either a critical eye
As a journalist
Or just an ordinary reader.
It’s kind of like my book-love.
I’m a nerd.


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