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The Completed List

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Why isn’t it possible to add more things to this list =(?

Cause this site is called 43things, so you can only add 43 things? I keep having the problem not being able to add new things to my list =(..

They should have called it 100things. I would be able to add a 100 things! Oke.. that would probably be a little bit to much ;).. but at least that would be more then enough ;). I would be able to add all the things I would like to accomplish =], without completing another goal first.

Maybe they called it 43things.. because a limit like this works better to complete your own list? You have to actually complete stuff before being able to add new things.


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
- C.S. Lewis

(Found this quote at http://lovekismet.org/)

Not sure why I’m writing an entry about this quote by my goal to complete this list.
Probably cause it reminded me a bit of the fact I want to complete this list (don’t ask me why.. it just did ;)).. but also can never really complete it cause when completing a goal I already have something new I would like to add to my list. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though..

Other then that I just liked the quote and always try to keep quotes like that in mind =]


Well.. so I haven’t be able to complete much of my list last few weeks.. and I still won’t have a lot of time when I failed my tests and have to take them again. But hopefully I won’t fail them and I’ll have holidays.. well.. almost holidays, in about a week :D!!!!

Can’t wait for them to start :D!!!! I’m going to do lots of fun stuff :D!

Complete this list

One of my friends started the day zero project (http://www.dayzeroproject.com/). It’s a bit like this, you can record your goals and discover new challenges. She told me about it and I was like: Hey! I’ve a list of goals I want to accomplish as well ;). I showed her my list of goals. It was pretty funny :), we have some of the same goals :D. So we can “work” together to accomplish those goals ;).

It also reminded me I haven’t been here for a while. But I think I’ll try to come here more often again ;) and I’ll try to complete my goals :).

But I think it’s hard to complete some goals, some aren’t really to test either.. like.. stop worrying, be more confident when is this goal completed? Being confident one time doesn’t make me a hole lot more confident immediately.. this goal will take some time, maybe a life time :O?

Well.. I should just start with some little goals :)

New goals

Aah =(.. I can’t add any new goal any more.. I reached my 43things =[..

I have to complete some of my goals soon, so I’ll be able to add new goals again =]!

(* lol * .. I think it will take some while before I complete this list 0=).. I just want to do to many things).

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