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Ride my bike to work twice a week for a year

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Cold temperatures and poor traction

This goal is unrealistic where I currently live. Summers are fine, but I’m not riding 28 miles round-trip in the snow (yup, call me a wimp).


I reactivated my lapsed gym membership today, in the hope that it would force me to ride my bike to work occasionally (I work in the same building as the gym, and its showers).

So if I manage to ride my bike twice a week, it’ll end up costing me about $5 a trip/shower. The more I ride, the more I get my money’s worth. Not a bad incentive, I guess.

30 miles

Two summers ago, I unearthed a rare cache of ambition and decided to ride to work every day to “get in shape.” So I managed to get my hands on a reasonably capable road bike. With some nice clippy shoes, even. There’s a gym in my building, so I signed up—to use their showers after biking in (they unfortunately shot down my brilliant “showers-only reduced rate membership” idea). And finally, a “work clothes” stash was established underneath my desk.

Amidst all of this planning, I ignored some critical points:

  1. I had never sat on, much less ridden, a road bike in my life
  2. My current physical condition was far less than optimal (to put it very generously)
  3. My house and office are both situated in vallies—separated by 15 miles and an 800-foot-high hill.

I completed the round-trip ride exactly once. Afterwards, my quadriceps forbade me from ever attempting it again.

Nearly two years later, the trauma has faded, my legs have capitulated, and I’m about ready for a second attempt. For real this time.

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