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identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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20. Spending time with my godson Ezra and watching him discovering new things and experiencing life
21. Conversations with my friend Lauren that go on for hours and our shared restlessness.
22. hot showers
23. when friends achieve their goals
24. homemade ice cream
25. being all hot and bothered with anticipation
26. Walking through town when the fog is thick and it feels like a different place

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19. The surprise of hearing a song that takes you back to a different part of your life


15. Cooking a meal in the crock pot and having the smell overtake the whole house.
16. Those days where you don’t have to leave the house.
17. hot chocolate on a snowy day
18. When you find the perfect song to accompany the day

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13. Something that made me happy the other day was when one of our producers Gary N. called the office and out of the blue just said, “That’s a fine district you’ve got there” That is compliment that I can take.
14. Riding to meetings with Joe solving all of the worlds problems.

a few more things

2. Planning parties
3. Spending time with my friends
4. The smell of the soil thawing out in the spring
5. Trying new foods
6. Playing board games (especially trivia games)
7. Watching cooking shows where they go to the fields and meet the farmers who grow the food.
8. Trying new recipes
9. The way the house feels when someone is playing music
10. Watching the garden grow
11. Taking Noodles for a walk because he gets so excited and smiles
12. Sunday Morning- My week isn’t right without it. They cover a range of topics and I always learn something new.

I've been

putting this off for several years now so I suppose that it is time to get started.

1. Seeing an idea that I’ve worked on materialize like the community garden that we started last year.

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