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stop pulling out my hair

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working on day # 6

So i’m working on day # 6 of not pulling! I’m staying strong and positive. My 1st minigoal is nearly complete! then on to the second. the minigoals help.. because im making accomplishments within the goal.. it motivates me more!


still going strong :)

170 pf

still not pulling.. I wish my hair was thicker though.. anyone have any ideas? Prolly should start taking my hair vitamins again huh?

Pull Free

for 160 days!!!

145 days PF

washed my hair last night. It needed it. Noticed the hair in the original spot that I pulled is getting thicker. Thats good. I really have to take my hair vitamins more religiously, but im almost running out and im being stingy, cuz i dont wanna spend more money… I’m trying to save… but i need them, and they are for my well being right. We’ll see how it goes after my bills are paid.

Good luck with today guys!


I’ve made it to 130!! only 10 more days until i hit the 140 day goal!! The mini goals are really helping. Its nice to look and see all the accomplished tasks. Good luck to everyone!! Be strong!


pull free for 99 days. My confidence level is so much higher too. I’m not worried about people seeing bald spots anymore, because i dont have any. where my hair is growing back it is a little thinner, but i think thats also because its much shorter than the rest of my hair. but when i comb it, no sparseness, no baldness that i have to cover with a huge side part. SO happy!!

97 days pf

im working on day 98 today. pull free so far. my urges..well i have none. I try and keep my hair clean and washed. once i start getting that intense itchy feeling, i know its due for a nice scrub. good luck to you guys!!

74 dys pf

working on 75

70 days


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