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Go to the dentist

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Done with fillings!

This week I had my last filling done! Yay! I did it! Now I’m off to the orthodontist…well, it’s still another month till my appointment.

Went to the dentist today!

I had all my wisdom teeth taken out two weeks ago, and 2 cavities filled. I was in major pain for a week, I got dry socket. That hurt like hell but they put me on vicodin so that helped a bit.
Today I found a new dentist cuz the last dentist I went to made me feel like he was trying to rip me off and I wanted a second opinion. So…the dentist I went to today proved me right! And I loved him! He was a really nice guy, he’s a minister too (that made me feel like he wouldn’t try ripping me off). And he said I only have 1 kinda big cavity and 2 or 3 small ones…the other dentist said I needed old fillings replaced and all kinds of stuff. He didn’t even want to give me a normal cleaning, he said I had gum disease and needed a special (expensive) cleaning. This dentist said those fillings are looking good and that my gums are looking healthy! Wow…just goes to show some dentists are just in it for the $$$...
Anyway, I’m just glad I’ve finally gotten over my fear of the dentist. My next appointment is next week for a filling. I can’t wait. I’m so glad for a good, honest dentist. I am well on my way to getting braces.

Wow I Actually Went to the Dentist TWICE This Week

I started my dental hygiene program this semester. I like the dental field but I have always been TERRIFIED of being in the chair. I finally decided to face my fear and just take it like a woman! I got two cavities filled yesterday and today I got 3 wisdom teeth removed at UIC College of Dentistry. Oh my, am I in pain!!! (The horror, the horror! It was so real) But I was given general anesthesia so it wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it would be. Still, it hurt like hell an hour later. And eight hours later, I am still in excruciating pain! I cannot open my mouth very much at all. But I am on my way to a nicer, healthier smile! I still have a looong way to go…seeing as ortho is in my future. Oh well. I’m on my way!

Scared of being in the chair

It’s funny, I think, that I’m so scared of being in the chair. I mean, I worked with a dentist as an assistant for four years and last year I worked for a while with an orthodontist and this fall I will be in the dental hygiene program. Even though I love working in the dental field, I have been scared forever of being in the chair myself. I was not raised to really care for my dental hygiene growing up, we were kind of poor when I was little so it was something that was not really stressed. Of course though, I have come to learn that dental hygiene is very important as is good dental health. So, I know it’s time to get myself into the dentist, I am just a little ashamed cuz I know I have at least 2 cavities. I have made some progress however. I actually went to get dental attention because my wisdom tooth needs to get pulled, I went to a dental school in Chicago where you are seen by dental students for cheaper. It was just a little uncomfortable but not as bad as I thought it would be. Anyway, I made an appointment to get this tooth extracted. July 23. Chicago is too far for me to go on a regular basis, so I’m going to look for a local dentist to work on the rest of the dental work I need completed. Wish me luck!

need to go to the dentist!

since i plan on getting braces in 2008, i need to get on this goal. Not so sure if I want to go to the dentist right before xmas though, but that shouldn’t matter. I should, just to find out what kind of work I need done. Yikes, i better be prepared to shell out some bucks. Dentists are expensive! It’s worth it though.

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