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lose 10 kg

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xobeeko has written 4 entries about this goal

Ukh....i'm lazy!

Yes, I am lazy….
But exercising involves a lot of work.

A positive is that i’ve maintained 72kgs. Which is great, because it means half the goal was accomplished, that of losing the weight healthily, and keeping it off!

I’m going to work exercise back into my days.

I’m going to try very hard to do this very soon,
I won’t promise tonight because I’ve got more pressing issues,
But I will very very soon.


-3 is a nice number, i prefer the odds.

But I am quite bored of it! I’m still at 72 (-3 from the initial 75).
Mainly because i disregarded the urging whispers of my conscience to swim laps and instead opted to have cocktails on those lovely pool chairs whilst being subjected to tension relieving massages followed by nights of explosive partying and 9 hours of blissful sleep only to wake up and fall into that cyclical Tour de détente.

In other words, I was on vacay.

I am not exactly back on track…

Must fit in an hour of exercise.

Thanks for the reminder!

I am right on schedule..
But I believe it’s essential for me to actually document the weight loss…
Get over the shame that i do feel±
And just out with it.

2 weeks ago I was : 75 kgs.

right now I am 72 kgs

Goal : 65 kgs.


starting now..

this entire thing sounds scary to me. mainly because i refuse to start anything midday, but other goals call for this necessity.

my plan here is to lose the 10 kgs in the most healthiest way possible, so i am allocating 1 kg per week. Which i think sounds more than reasonable—-in 10 weeks, i should be 10 kgs lighter.

now given my current physical state, exercise is a problem. but i think an hour of cardio per day should do it for now.

a balanced diet , 10 glasses of water, and a bit of cardio should do the trick until my body’s up to par again.


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