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have sex on the beach

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we’re planning a camping trip in the desert soon, so more scandal should follow.


i'm counting it.

i can’t decide if this was totally sacred or completely sacrilegious.
i live in antofagasta, chile. a little ways north of the city is a huge natural white stone arch called “la portada”, just off the cliffs, rising out of the ocean. it’s beautiful by day – strong and majestic, withstanding horrendous earthquakes and powerful waves – but it’s also breathtaking by night. the cliffs above, where you park, are dimly lit, but there is a dark pathway leading down to the rocky beach that is not lit at all. we took a couple of beers down the path and followed it until it got too rocky to continue in the dark. we backtracked just a bit to get the perfect view of la portada. at night you see it in silhouette, with all the yellow lights of the city behind it. it’s absolutely gorgeous. anyway…
we weren’t lying in the sand, like i’d always pictured sex on the beach, but we both had a spectacular view of la portada. it was really, truly outside – no cars or blankets or anything. it was really a beautiful moment for me. i’m a very happy girl :)

the desert

so, i did the desert part, but it was in a car, so i’m not finished with that desert yet. i am truly in love with the atacama, and it’s super easy to find a place to go – especially when your partner drives a truck with “cuatro por cuatro”. i think i dropped enough hints for him to put a blanket or something in the car to be prepared for next time, because the ground is a little too hard and cold and it’s just not that romantic standing up.
but the desert is still waiting, and i’m ready. the beach is waiting too… soon, soon.

and also

in the very beautiful atacama desert.

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