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Get a tattoo

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Oryx has written 10 entries about this goal

i got my outline yesterday.

only 8 or so years waiting to do this.

can’t be more pleased about how it looks so far. can’t wait to get it finished with full color. glad i waited. i have an amazing artist i am working with. i won’t lie, it is a crazy intense place to get a first tattoo.


today is the day.


i review the artwork on saturday, first session scheduled for tuesday, aug 2nd.


got my consult. love the artist. she’s going to work on my artwork and we are scheduled to begin in may!

officially have a

consultation in a week!

i found a design/idea

that i am in love with and forever want on my body.

i contacted a well-reviewed tattoo shop in the portland area. i am working on going in for a consultation with them!

this is the year for this goal!


ugh! i can’t believe i haven’t gotten a tattoo yet! why am i playing it so safe? i still want the sparrow design on my abdomen. now intrigued to find a vegan tattoo parlor to get it done at. it’s worth waiting for right?

i’ve also been toying with an idea for a 1/2 sleeve that combines my vegetarianism and love of animals & scooters all in a poppy, colorful, bubblegum-y girly tattoo.

design has been tweaked

lots of stuff has changed in the past year and my design has changed too.

i want to get a swallow swooping down (dark, not too tattooey looking) with some small stars randomly around it, with a banner in its beak with either “Liebe” or “Freiheit” or some other word on it. Similar to following pic. I think the colors will be red & pink or red & black. similar to the pic, but with normal wings, not spiderweb wings.


this is the basis of my design. the stem would be gray, the flowers may become lilies, the color of the flowers would be light garnet/reddish pink, and no insects, and less leaves. the placement on my body will be left side of my stomach/abs


i have a design in my head, i know where i want it on my body. i just gotta go talk to an artist and get it going.

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