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have nicer abs

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nothing is going to change

im happy with my body. i think i look good in a bathing suit, and so do other people. its all that matters.
ive given up on getting rid of that little bit of fat by my belly button…its not gonna happen.

im happy so my stomach is fine!


my abs are looking good! for real this time i have this sit up routine that i do like 3 times a day (at least on the weekends) and it is working!


in the lockeroom after school, i was changing for volleyball and one of the girls on my teams looks over and was like “elana, you have a 6 pack”
i was like… um noo, but im glad it looks nice from far away!

oh well. as long as it doesn’t bulge out like it does on fatter people, im fine.

i can see...

hahah not exactly a six pack, but there are little lines that I can see in the mirror when i flex!

and my mom just got an excersize ball! :]
so tonight i am going to do yoga and pilates from a video that came with the ball!

haha yessss.


I stayed after school for a conditioning program thing for all the spring sports.
At the end, this kid who is like the leader of all trackies had us do this 10 minute ab workout!
We had to do all of these different kinds of things for 30 seconds-1 minute each, and my abs were burning!!

but it felt good… :)

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