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Day 1

So day 1 is over and Im still no closer to discovering my passion but I know its not teaching but something to do with working with children in someway, I just cant handle everything that comes with teaching. I want a career that I can leave at work and not worry about when I get home. Thats not too difficult to find is it?

What is it???

So I’m teaching a class of 8 years olds with a range of low ability maths skills and where doing fractions and most of the kids are getting it and can see how and explain why the fraction of the shape shaded is 1/2, but theres that one little boy sat at the front of the class who doesnt have a clue what I’m going on about and I, the teacher, feels like a complete failure because I’m not doing my job right! So I go home and think and think and think. What can I do that will help this child? So I decide that maybe he needs some visual aids so that he can actually see the fractions, so I go home and make a range of different shapes and fractions and the next lesson I get him to shade a range of fractions(with a bit of help). So the next lesson I move him onto identifying fractions that are already shaded while hes still shading fractions. After a few days of gradually helping him (with support of fab TA’s) to build up to identifying shaded fractions with support I casually ask him during whole class teaching what fraction of the shape is shaded and I wait thinking maybe I should explain to him (and rest of class) how to identify fractions BUT then hes says it, he says what the fraction is!! So I ask him how he knows that and he explain WITH NO HELP because there are two parts and one is coloured. And I jump with joy inside! This little boy who only days ago didnt have a clue what a fraction was just explained something he didnt know days before. Thats when I realised that something I had done helped him understand. This is why I thought teaching was my passion because I, this insignficant person in this child’s life (who he would probably never remember) might have just had an impact on the rest of his life but for some reason that feeling seems to have gone. So I want to see if I can rekindle my passion for teaching and if not find what passion actually is. It all starts monday, with my first day back in school in 4 months!!

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