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Too Many Choices!!

Being more decisive is not really happening at the minute I cant even decide whether to go to middlesbrough or metro centre for the day. This is not very good, not being able to make simple small decisions what going to happen when I need to make big ones??

Internet Good or Bad??

Theres times when the internet is fantastic but then theres those times when I hate it so much and wish I never had it!! Nothing is the same as a real, person to person conversation. Nothing can compare to seeing the reaction someone has to something you have said yet some people end up relying on it too much and forget that theres an actual real person behind the screen. So my new decision for this week is to go out more with people and do and talk to them in person and not rely on the internet to stay in contact with people all the time x

I make the decisions

Okay so recently I’ve started to feel like Im not making the decisions in my life that I’m leaving them up to other people to make. So Im going to start with simple decisions first. If Im out with friends and they ask me what we can do Im going to decided instead them.


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