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"Try to get through today without eating one unhealthy thing"

This had been my goal for every day, but it rarely ever happens.

This goal needs more work

I need to plan for my budget better. I have been sort of binging lately. I need to hold strong in the evenings.

Eat healthy: my progress so far

My goal: Eat healthy
I’ve worked on this goal 3 days in a row!

My goal: Eat healthy

I’ve worked on this goal 3 days in a row!

I was hungry, but held strong and did not touch anything at the reception.

But then came home, and overate…

Still fitting into my weekly budget though.


I have about 400 calories left for today, but I have only had 3 cups of water. Before having another meal, I will try my best to fill up on the other 5 cups of water I should have for today. Maybe it will fill me up and reduce the size of my dinner.


I pigged out without even going out today. :(

My goal: Eat healthy

I’ve worked on this goal 3 days in a row!

"Try to get through today without eating one unhealthy thing."

I think I did it. I had one teaspoon of sweet butter with my oatmeal before reading the post, and then everything was healthy. I still went a little over my daily calorie budget, but compensated those calories by walking.

"Try not to eat anything after 7pm today."

I am going to a birthday party tonight, so that won’t be possible. But I will try my best not to overeat there.


The last few days have been quite terrible with this aspect. I will try to improve it in the near future.

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